Super Sentai Seasons With Enduring Romantic Themes

I just had a thought that there were certain Super Sentai seasons that dealt with romantic themes to which I am an addict of and they are:

Hikari Sentai Maskman- I would say this is the first with the love theme which makes me like the season so much.  The story actually takes the theme of so-called forbidden love where racism occurs (on the part of Tube) as well as honor killing (on Igam's part) and that Takeru's motivation throughout the series is to be reunited with Ial.  However despite all the efforts for them to be together, in the end they split as Ial must do her duties as the new queen of Tube to restore it, while still having feelings for Takeru.  Kenta and Momoko were also victims of tragic love as well.  Doesn't Takeru deserve a happy ending after all he's been through especially that rescue scene was so touching?

Kosoku Sentai Turboranger- Right now, I'll just have to take back what I said that Riki and Haruna are an official couple, they're not really established.  Now this is where the enduring romance is between the villains Yamimaru and Kirika, though the latter was once in love with Riki but she grew to hate him as well.  Also involved in here is the love story behind Kirika's parents a Bouma and a human being.  In the end, Yamimaru and Kirika did earn their happy ending.

Chojin Sentai Jetman- I didn't put all the other couples here as placeholders because in the center of all the conflict is Ryu Tendo's inability to let go of Rie Aoi, which became an enduring theme while the Ryu, Gai Yuki and Kaori love triangle was a secondary conflict for me.  I would say that this part is really the tragedy of losing the woman that means to you the most.  They are separated, tragic enough and when they are briefly reunited, Rie becomes Maria again.  And I would say Radiguet's selfish lust for Maria was also one of the reasons why he's so hateful in the series.  Poor Ryu, everything really goes from bad to worse for them and she finally dies refusing to be reunited with him, blaming herself for crimes she did not commit at her own choice.  In the end, Ryu married Kaori and Raita married Satsuki in between the three years before the epilogue.  Poor Gai Yuki though, he left us so soon.

Gosei Sentai Dairanger- Now this is pretty a lot more expected to be tragic as this is between a goddess and a human, a very much ah my goddess of a tragedy.  For starters, I think it was pretty expected that Daigo won't be able to save Kujaku.  It was in fact more enduring than Shouji's one time love interest and Lin's one time love interest with Takamura.  This one was the enduring romantic theme of Dairanger as I could really say, it's very sad yet expected to be star-crossed.

Gekisou Sentai Carranger- I would say this one has romance under all that light nature it has.  So Zonette developed a villainous crush on Kyousuke and eventually the latter returned the former's feelings resulting to a forbidden attraction.  It does seem like they did break up in the end parodying Maskman's Takeru and Ial without leaving tears for us to see, while I would assume tears happened off-screen.

Denji Sentai Megaranger- I don't know if this even counts because for one, Chisato's attraction to Kouichirou wasn't really touched upon that well (except for that episode where Kouichirou had to pretend to be her boyfriend much to her delight) or two, Miku's infatuation with Shun seems to go nowhere.  For Kenta, he's had at least two romantic interests (a College student and later somebody who already had a boyfriend, poor him!).  These teenagers with positive attitude were gathered one day to save the Earth by some weird accident and they do struggle with passions.  Well don't attempt to fan pair Kenta and Chisato despite all that screen time they had as friends because it'll just produce crack results.  Perhaps this deals with high school romances can be fickle.

Mirai Sentai Timeranger- Maybe not really that much but hey Tatsuya and Yuri DID have their own romance despite them being literally 1,000 years apart.  The theme song fit for them would be Aqua's "If Only I Can Turn Back Time" and only if somebody can make an MV for them using that song.  Quite inevitable they can't be together because of the 1,000 years gap between their times.

Bakuryu Sentai Abaranger- Asuka and Mahoro were separated during the Evorian war like Ryu and Rie were during the first episode of Jetman but this is where Toshiki Inoue's sad works are reversed by Naruhisa Arakawa's jolly works.  Rather than let in end in tragedy, they both earned their happy ending despite the fact that Mahoro spent much of her time as the brainwashed and crazy Jannu.

Jyuden Sentai Gekiranger- I would call this the more tragic version of Yamimaru and Kirika.  Well Mele is in love with Rio, Rio does love her but is afraid to show it.  They had been rivals with the Gekirangers as anti-villains and they were manipulated by Long behind the shadows, Long pretending to serve them only to betray them.  I found this part of Gekiranger very sad when they were both killed by Long making that five-headed dragon before gone for a very long time.


  1. What about Magiranger, where literally every human character was in a romance, and which gave us our second Ranger wedding?

  2. Good article as always for a wonderful sentai blog. Thank you!

    1. You're welcome for the complement. Now I hope you can see through my other blogs.


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