Bioman Revisited

Well as said, I will do some revisits while I will try to check out Kyoryuger when I can.  Now for a Bioman revisit.  It's not the best, it seems to be a dynamic mover though in many ways.

As part of my childhood, Bioman was definitely an important player.  My first memories of the show were the English names that were Kenny (Shiro), Sammy (Shingo), Frankie (Ryuuta), Casey (Mika) and Kimberly (Hikaru) which would later "shock" me because MMPR had its first pink ranger officially named Kimberly.  For Peebo I do find him in the border of funny and can seldom get annoying.  I thought that from the five, Ryuuta was really my favorite especially I love every focus episode he has like when he defeats Messerjuu by HIMSELF or when he confronts the Prince later.  Shiro, Shingo and Hikaru also had their own focus but I just found Ryuuta the most appealing of all the members.

Now for the Mika and Jun side...

There was the Mika vs. Jun debate but I give credit to them both.  Mika was pretty a free-spirited woman who didn't want to fight as she just wanted to take pictures of Africa to continue her late brother's footsteps. While she initially wanted to run away from her duty, she was convinced by the others that she was needed while having her rebellious side like when she ran off to take pictures of a supposed UFO which turned out to be Gear's launch pads.  So pretty much, so sad the character had to leave so soon because Yuki Yajima left maybe due to payroll issues.  Fortunately Sumiko Tanaka took over the role.  But it left me to wonder whether or not Jun and Mika are related or even first degree cousins, it's never stated but all we know is that they both descended from the same ninja.  Jun managed to liven up the show with her badass moves especially her badass archery and stunts.  For everything else, Mika could have been developed further only if it wasn't for the sudden departure. Fortunately the concept managed to bear fruit in later Super Sentai seasons.

And of course this... this freaky coincidence of sorts.  I remembered crying a lot during Mika's death scene making me wonder at first how are they going to continue fighting without her and rejoiced when Jun came to fill in for their fallen comrade.  Now moving on, having watched Power Rangers while not knowing it was an licensed adaptation by Saban (was too lazy to read the credits back then!) and years later, I discovered the tragic truth that Thuy Trang had died like Mika Koizumi had died.  I've said this quite a number of times but hey what's a revisit without remembering the past... sniff?  For me, hard to really think why this happened and why it was allowed to happen- I wish it were my worst enemy instead of her who died.  Moments of silence please... moving on.

For the Bio Robo, I love its design and its multiple sword finishing techniques.  In fact, this aspect of Super Sentai made me had a hard time embracing the extra robots until I realized hey, extra robots aren't so bad.

New Empire Gear (Neo Empire in the dub) was definitely badass for me.  Dr. Man was quite scary for me as a child with his presence of a a commanding personality accompanied by his ability to control Gear, I had no idea back then that Farrah Cat was actually acted by Cynthia Luster (who appeared in Filipino cinema as well!) and of course it freaked me out that I knew two people personally who looked like Farrah and Monster.  In my case, I thought Dr. Man was an alien or something like that until I saw his backstory that I could relate to- that is I once aimed to become the world's greatest genius.  For the villains I pretty much thought Mason's a regular field command, Farrah is a mistress of deceit and Monster is a comedic villain working with Juuoh most of the time since the two are alike.  Farrah Cat for one was incredibly acrobatic, she was one of my favorite show villains of all time!

The one shot villain Prince was also a necessary plot as it eventually revealed Dr. Man was really human, when his real son Shuichi appeared (Sonny in the dub) and that Dr. Man's backstory was pretty tragic, in fact I felt sorry for him realizing how his aims to become the world's greatest genius made him do all the stuff he does.  Also the plot where the Gear wanted to overthrow Dr. Man because he is a human, sheesh can't they realize robots can't exist without humans?!  And the mechaclones can be a nightmare fuel if you start to hallucinate robots in disguise could be around you!  Dr. Man should be credited for starting the mad scientist trend, in fact I felt like his decision to attack the Biomen himself in the finale was so badass and his death was one of the most powerful as he was struggling between his evil side and his redemption, to which he eventually swallows his pride and reveals where the Anti-Bio Bomb was before the Earth would be destroyed!

For Gear's monster of the week strategy, I was pretty mixed on the Beastnoid concepts since it felt corny to me at first.  I did like how the Biomen used various finishers on them but how strong are these guys anyway to survive a finisher move of the week, is their armor that thick?!  I was baffled at that how they kept surviving.  Later I loved how the badass upgrades were done to them namely for Psygorn, Juuoh and Mettlzer as the other two Messerjuu and Aquagaiger were destroyed.  Psygorn was my favorite and the other was Mettzler who was more defined eventually when he and Farrah worked more often.  When they are beaten, the Mechagaigan is usually launched either just as a last resolve or two, the giant was involved in the plot for the week.

Overall, Bioman does remain a classic, not really as good but should be watched to see how later concepts evolved plus it's still a fun show.


  1. Before Jetman or Dairanger was considered the hardcore drama of Super Sentai, Bioman is considered by most fans as the hard hitting Super Sentai. Yeah its a kids show but 10, 20, 30 years from now shows like Bioman can be enjoyed over and over.

    Bioman is pretty much a second Electronic based Sentai series as Denziman was the 1st and much more similar where as Megaranger would be the 3rd.
    They had the best design by anime artist Neos.
    Biorobo was at that time the most hi-tech robot ever to grace the series.
    Prop wise- there Bio sword are the prototype of Zyurangers' Rangerstick/ Rangergun.

    Not official they sort of squeezed in a 6th member of Magne Warrior who is played by future Jaspion Hikaru Kurosaki. Kurosaki-san also meet his future wife of Farrah who sadly passed away last year.

    Mason is played by Toei alumni star Hirohisa Nakata who starred in the 1968 space opera of Captain Ultra!
    It featured Hong Kong femme fatale of Yukari Ohshima who plays Farrah Cat.

    Though he is a mock-up of the Bioman team with design and if you also look closer his looks is similar to Hakaider. Silva has been rated as the most memorable and independent foe in Sentai history. Silva is portrayed by the versatile actor of Yoshinori Okamoto. He has played Booba, Bo Garden,Earth Ninja Oyuboo, Doctor Ashura and last his most short but memorable role as Geki's father, the Yamato King in Zyuranger. I only saw 3 episode and the movie but before I die, I must see all 51 episodes of Bioman and Maskman!

  2. Before the was Magu, Arther G-6, TAC and BOMPER Peebo is the 1st Robot Guardian Mentor.
    Also to add, both props are recylced 4 years later. Dr. Man' s upgrade design via his helmut is used for Metalder's head. Also Mettzler is painted full black and reused as Top Gunder in Metalder


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