My Favorite Moral Dilemma Plots in Super Sentai: Heroes Side

Well I'll probably write some more articles in paying tribute to women of Super Sentai but I'll probably post this one first on moral dilemmas.

Jun Yabuki in episode 13 of Bioman "Jun".  Jun was given the choice between continuing her archery career or fighting with the Biomen.  That episode had her with a difficult choice especially when she was given the "standard rule of secret identities" that she was never allowed to let anybody know that she was already a ranger.  She chose to continue fighting with the Biomen to continue the work that the late Mika left behind in order to progress against Gear.

In Flashman, they were later revealed to be suffering the Anti-Flash phenomenon which means they can't reunite with their parents and stay with them.  Worse, they will be aliens to Earth forever.  In the final battle, Dr. Lee Keflen offers them the chance to become "normal" by fixing the Anti-Flash Phenomenon in exchange for their services.  Fortunately they chose to give up their personal desires and placed an end to the wicked villain.

Red Mask and Ial.  So far, this appears to be an anti-racist propaganda of sorts while a touching story.  So Takeru isn't aware his girlfriend Ial (who posed as Mio) was from another race of humans who dwelt underground which resulted to his rivalry with Igam who at that time, he wasn't aware she was a woman and a princess.  He has to choose between his feelings for Ial and his duty as a Maskman which can be put to the rest whenever he's pretty hesitant to strike Igam because she is Ial's sister.  In the end, Ial and Takeru broke up due to her responsibilities to restore Tube while Takeru realizes he still has friends.

Liveman was basically them fighting against their former friends.  What was going on was pretty much a choice between personal vendetta or the good of mankind.  Fortunately the Livemen chose the latter even if there were times they were tempted to have their revenge against Bias.

Gai Yuki and Ryu Tendo as rivals.  Jetman had a lot of issues with these two like Gai Yuki was confronted by a moral dilemma when he tried to rush away from the Jetman team, when he saw Ryu's heroism to help a civilian during their race (which was pretty much a repeat of Red Mask vs. X-1 Mask).  In fact, this endured to the point of the love triangle for Kaori or just plain rivalry since Ryu and Gai Yuki were pretty much always having power struggles.  Eventually Gai Yuki grew to acknowledge Ryu.  Pretty much a good plot if you ask me!

The Ryu/Maria tragedy.  Ryu was a man who was always duty first before everything else, he even lectured Gai Yuki a lot on that!  However things went upside down for him when he discovered that Maria was actually his supposedly dead girlfriend Rie.  He went crazy for awhile, he was snapped back to reality by Gai Yuki and then he was hoping to reunite with his true love.  However Radiguet ended up killing Rie out of sadism and being a sore loser, just so Ryu can't have Rie back since the former can't have her either.  Ryu was later blinded with his desire for revenge but Kaori eventually managed to restore him.  Pretty much, I think Ryu and Kaori deserved each other eventually.

The Geki/Burai relationship.  Pretty much, I thought Zyuranger got more interesting with Burai's arrival.  So he's pretty much an anti-hero who wasn't randomly chosen by Bandora to be the Dragon Ranger, rather he was supposedly the sixth Zyuranger but he was plagued by hatred for Geki out of jealousy and everything, also to avenge their late father the Black Knight.  Geki wants to reach out to his brother Burai but all that happens is only resentment.  Eventually thanks to Geki's kindness, Burai voluntarily gives up his evil and he becomes the sixth Zyuranger.  However Geki realizes soon that Burai's life is limited and Bandora took advantage of it during the Dora Narcissus arc.  For Burai, he later selflessly gave up the Water of Life to save a young boy's life while he chose death plus he wasn't going to be saved anyway.

In Dairanger, Daigo had the choice of letting Kujaku live while the rest of humanity perishes or let Kujaku die and let the rest of humanity live.  Pretty much he makes a selfless choice resulting in Kujaku's death.

Ayase's Osiris syndrome worked itself to the finale.  So pretty much, he realizes that he would take the risk of dying by fighting Ryuya and going back to the year 2001 to change the future.  Not much is known whether he died or not.

Yuri's desire for revenge vs. justice in Timeranger as an enduring plot.  Yuri had her hatred for Dolnero for killing her family, however she had to overcome that desire for revenge.  In fact, I believe her story is pretty more interesting than that of Tatsuya's which I could relate to.

Hoji had a one shot moral dilemma I found to be very sad in a supposedly fun series.  In Dekaranger, he was dating Teresa whose brother Mikene has been killing young girls to extract their life to form a cure for the former.  So pretty much sad, he chooses to break his relationship with Teresa and kill Mikene to save the lives of other girls over that of the woman he loves. This was for me less intense than Sky's plot with Mirloc in Power Rangers SPD.

Takeru Shiba's plot as a Kagemusha.  Pretty much, he realizes he must confess why the deception happened all that time that he was acting as a decoy to guard the true head Kaoru Shiba who becomes his "mother".

The Gokaigers are also in it.  There's the enduring one that is between Joe Gibken and his rival Barizorg (who was once his best friend!), Marvelous vs. Basco considering there was a betrayal going on between them and when the Greatest Treasure in the Universe appeared.  The Gokaigers got rid of the Greatest Treasure of the Universe realizing it will alter timeline for the worse in exchange for that one wish.  Pretty good job!

Next stop... the VILLAINS.  Hiss!  Boo!  Any favorites?  Feel free to compare with the Power Rangers equivalents too.


  1. In Dairanger, the Demon Boxer Jin arc, Ryo had been warned by Kaku that he should not involved himself on a assassin like Jin Matoba as he is too dangerous to deal with. But his obsession and hero worship of a powerful fighter like Jin did not stop Ryo from interfering with Jins' murders and possible redemption as Ryo succeeded in doing so.

    Also in Kakuranger, Dai Maoh gave a choice to Tsuruhime to either kill her father Haken Maru who is turned into a killer golem or let him continue his mindless rampage. Luckily both Saburo and Jiro sacrifice there life essence to restore him back to normal, happy endings.


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