So Not Even Dinosaurs Can Create Good Ratings Now For Super Sentai?!

Here's what I read from Henshin Justice:

After a bit of a hiatus, we’re back with tokusatsu ratings.

We’re not sure at the moment just how long these ratings are going to last, but the ratings for the first few Kyouryuger episodes, as well as the final Go-Busters episodes have been released. There has been a crack down on ratings posting since the Japanese source suddenly stopped posting the numbers for all TV shows, not just Toei’s.

The penultimate episode of Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters scored a 4.9% viewer rating while the final episode scored a 4.4% rating. With these two numbers in, we can now say that the ratings average for Go-Busters as a whole is 4.0% (4.07% to be super accurate) for all 50 episodes. This average means that Go-Busters was seen by fewer viewers than any other Super Sentai series.

The first three episodes of Zyuden Sentai Kyouryuger brought it ratings of 4.3%, 4.0%, and 3.2%, continuing the drop brought on by Go-Busters.

These low numbers for Kyouryuger seem to indicate that rather than Go-Busters simply not appealing to viewers, Super Sentai as a whole is down. A drop began with Goseiger, continued with Gokaiger, and became profoundly worse with Go-Busters. Whether this is brand fatigue, a bad time slot, or whatever, we can’t quite say yet, but Kyouryuger isn’t off to a great start and we can only guess where the ratings are going to go in the future.


My thoughts? While I was excited due to the fact that Riku Sanjo the head writer of Kamen Rider W was that it can be better. There are thoughts on other factors. Could Super Sentai really be suffering from a brand fatigue, bad time slot or maybe a combination of both as well as other issues. A brand fatigue is when the brand manager or someone at the top of the organization becomes prematurely bored of their own brand even though the consumer has not, the company tries to reposition that brand frequently even though it is not required. So is Toei suffering from that? I can never really tell what's going on but hopefully Riku Sanjo can create better ratings soon. =( But a few things to think about TV ratings aren't the best determinant of quality, I still have the confidence he can do this better.


  1. I think there are many factors why ratings (at least at the case of Japanese shows, I think) have drop but that doesn't mean the show is bad.

    Personally, I enjoyed Go-Buster. I watched episode 1 of Kyouryuuger and my initial thoughts is I think I'm going to like it.

  2. Whether the series is original or a rehashed theme like dinosaurs. Already the ratings is getting o.k., bad to worse.
    Go buster has been a double edge sword as it is a weak rating program and is disliked by fans.
    As a Sentai fan, I am still tuning to Kyoryugers, this series is no Gokaigers or Shinkengers but it's only in episode 4 this week.
    Time will only tell if this series will he either a hit or miss.
    For now I am only digging Green,Black, and Pink. I have no right in writing a review as we are not in the mid series to the end but I can only speculate.

  3. Personally, I generally hate dinosaurs themed Sentais as they remind me of Power Rangers and how I hated that show when I was a child. Plus, I think it's really a bad theme and it's way overused.

    So the answer for me to your question is simple: of course not!

    1. Agreee. Maybe I was too young to watch super hero drama and I really like Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and set away Superman, Ultraman, Xmen and bla bla bla. But when I watched MMPR again in 15 years old (while I found a reprint VCD in a mall), I feel that MMPR is the worst Power Rangers series. I really don't understand to the story. The writer seem very LAZY. He just edited the Zyuranger video with American's face. Even the action (almost all) comes from Zyuranger video, NOT from Power Rangers. Even I can do that with premiere pro

  4. I think it may have to do with Pokemon being on the same timeslot. Gokaiger had pretty low ratings too but we know it was popular with the adults because of nostalgia and it was successful in other ways like Gokaiger movies being blockbusters, Gokaiger toys selling like hotcakes (even making ranger keys almost two years after Gokaiger aired).

  5. Goseiger, Gokaiger and Gobuster are my most favourite sentai series. I just know that they are low rating, hehe. Well, Kyoryuger seem ordinary. For the first 7 episodes, I still don't get interesting from them. But I think they will be the best dinosaur series among Zyuranger and Abaranger (this is just my opinion).


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