Some Super Sentai and Power Rangers Coincidences?

There are pretty much some events I find weird between Super Sentai and Power Rangers which is completely not intended or occurs in real life scenarios rather than just Super Sentai and Power Rangers copying each other.  Here are some I can name:

Hisashi Sakai played the younger Burai in Zyuranger and then as Kou/Kibaranger in Dairanger.  Later Jason David Frank in MMPR wore both the Dragon Ranger and the Kibaranger costumes.  But I prefer Burai over Kou and Tommy.

Red Ranger departure.  In Sun Vulcan, Ryusuke Oowashi was replaced by Takayuki Hiba as the red ranger though in the case of Sun Vulcan, it was based on contract while in MMPR, it was most likely pay issues.  Strangely Yuuta Mochizuki and Austin St. John have gained weight too while both are apparently retired from their show business lives but still appear during fan events and reunions.

Female yellow ranger departure.  Okay the late Thuy Trang stayed quite way longer than Yuki Yajima whose departure may most likely due to contractual issues or maybe, she just found out that show business wasn't for her or something like that.  Thuy Trang left due to pay issues as stated and only her footage was used when Aisha was introduced in the place of Trini.  Neither Yuki Yajima nor Thuy Trang appeared on set on the respective departures though Mika was killed off in episode 10 in a very tearjerking, Trini just went to a peace conference.   Sadly for me, Aisha wasn't exactly that badass for me, Trini started off hesitant to fight like Mika but later became a milder version of Haruka, the actress later continued acting in other shows but sadly died so early.

Pink Ranger departure.  In Battle Fever J, Diane Martin was replaced by Maria Nagisa.  Later in MMPR, Kimberly was replaced by Kat due to Amy Jo Johnson's request to leave so a formal departure was given to her like it was with Diane Martin.

A coincidence of pinks?!  I doubt it Saban ever saw the Filipino-English Bioman dub and perhaps it's just coincidental that MMPR's pink ranger was named Kimberly after Hikaru's dub name Kimberly (both childhood crushes of mine bleh).  While MMPR aired, Gosei Sentai Dairanger also aired with a more or less "lookalike" with Natsuki Takahashi and Kimberly and Lin both wear short shorts and pink blouses a lot (maybe it's purely unintentional so Kimberly had to get other clothes to wear soon!) and both characters can sing but in Lin's case it was just dubbed (made her sing then muted her voice).  Then in 2009 we had Rin Takanashi who probably got her audition accepted as Shinken Pink who's again sharing some physical similarities maybe reminding 90s fanboys of their fanboy days plus later, Rin Takanashi shows she can SING though like Amy Jo Johnson, I ain't really that fond of their singing but still a fan nonetheless though I wonder if she'll ever make an album.  Just a huge wild mass guess here, just me having a rush on sugar.

Kaneko Noboru guest starred in Gokaiger at the same time Rick Medina returned as Deker in PR Samurai.

Can you name any more?  No haters of either which side here please!


  1. Heres one that might count you forgot Mika was killed off due to her actress leaving and was replaced by jun

    Trini went to the peace conference and was replaced by aisha.

    Neither was on set their last episode.


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