Symbolism in the Carol Love Flower and Momoko in Maskman?

In Maskman episode 15, there is the episode called "Carol Love" which is focused on Momoko.  I do think there is a symbolism that fits female heroines, perhaps one of the best reasons why some women can relate to Super Sentai is Momoko's role.  So maybe Momoko's not exactly the best fighter around but she is definitely one of the best females around not because she's pretty but because of who she is.  The episode plot revolved around the rise of the Hell Flowers from Tube which became prevalent after Zeba's occupation, now he seeks to conquer the world with those kinds of flowers which were colored red which may symbolize bloody reign.

Perhaps what interests me is that this episode shows Momoko should be appreciated for her inner kindness and not her beauty.  So it seems nothing is special about this flower but as the episode goes, it gets better.  So she was trapped as a kid and met Igam's and Ial's mother as a child.  The flowers led her out and she cherished that flower ever since.  However as Zeba took over Tube and turned it into a dark and gloomy place, he had all the Carol Love flowers.  So the flower does bloom after many years making Momoko smile, a smile that shows her inner beauty that shows who she is.

Later we discover to counter the plague of Hell Flowers, Momoko must sacrifice the flowers she holds dear called the Carol Love.  Her purity is further shown when she doesn't give in to selfish desires and shows how selfless she is.  The color of the white flowers represent purity while the red flowers apparently represented death but that's just what I think.  With that sacrifice, Momoko's inner beauty seems to be also symbolized by the flower's sacrifice and the destruction of the Hell flowers.  So far, a pretty good episode showing the power of a pure woman can do to save the day when men can't do a thing!

Could this episode actually also be what inspired Zyuranger's episode with Mei when she got the Rishiya flower?  Perhaps, perhaps hot but you decide.  But this is a pretty good episode that made me see Momoko beyond her pretty face.


  1. Momoko's legacy is later revived by two other pink, Houh Ranger Lin and Oh Pink Momo Maruo. Both had both the currage and both used graceful fighting forms especially Momo with the Tai Chi Chuan. There are speculations that Kaneko Maeda is married to Blue Flash, Yasahiro Ishiwata as they both appeared in a episode of Maskman and Jetman as original both pilots of Bird Garuda and lovers.


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