Symbolisms with Mei and the Rishiyam Flower?

In episode 27 of Zyuranger, it seems to be that Momoko's focus in Maskman involving the Carol Love flowers was beautifully imitated in Mei's focus with the Rishia flower except at a much bigger moral dilemma since Mei could die from the attempt.

Mei must deal with the Dora Guzzler (Spit Blossom in MMPR) who inhales flowers and then turns them into monsters.  For me, those flowers are a real nightmare fuel.  Mei and the Rishiyam flower apparently represent purity of heart vs. to that of the Dora Guzzler's evil flowers.

What we discover is that Mei's ancestor Princess Yui (could be her grandmother) sacrificed herself to destroy the first Dora Guzzler.  So Mei is in the dilemma of whether or not she should sacrifice herself... but I knew she would survive. =)  For me, this episode puts "The Spit Flower" episode of MMPR to lesser light (but not necessarily to shame) as Mei displays a bigger moral dilemma than Momoko in Maskman but this was not only her flower but her life that was involved.  Thankfully, she did manage to pull out of the situation and defeat the Dora Guzzler with its only weakness.  So it's like the good prevails in the end over evil and Mei and the flower symbolized it... though I wish she finished off the monster herself than with the others but oh well... still they were there for her.


  1. If the Zyu 2 scenes was actually used in the actual series. There was tulip monster that Ptera ranger had to fight.


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