What If This Blog Became a Hate Blog?

So thanks to all the people who visit my blog every now and then and have linked me, link me and if you have a good blog, I will link you type of deal.  Now I'll make the honest confession that when this blog started, I intended to turn this into a hate blog against Power Rangers but thankfully it did not end that way.  It was pretty much like I was ran off by hatred, more hatred and all because of my bad side of me that's pretty opinionated and easily irritated when something I like isn't popular.  However the more I looked at it, I began to realize I still respected Power Rangers no matter how corny some seasons can be for me but there are good seasons.

Pretty much, by respecting Power Rangers and simply giving it its due credit as a legitimate adaptation licensed by Toei, by not bashing Power Rangers I was able to reach out to Power Rangers fans who were pretty much ignorant about Super Sentai.  Now they are coming in here, getting some information while also supporting my other followers who are actually Super Sentai/Power Rangers fans as well as those who like Kamen Rider and Super Sentai.

Would have I turned this into a hate blog, I would really be receiving hate comments not because of people being ignorant but because this was a horribificus bad hate blog.  And by being friendly to Power Rangers fans rather than picking on them, I have reached a huge score to which I am proud of that Power Rangers has helped me reach this huge score.  Now I hope I stay away from my indulging in hatred as long as I live.


  1. Even though you prefer sentai over power rangers, I was very appreciated with you respecting the power rangers franchise as well as their fans. At least your blog is not very similar to http://tokupinoy.blogspot.com/ , where the blogger is being too bias and talk crap about the franchise. Not only that, but he also discriminates many other things, such as fans and local tv pop cultures. Is it ok you can check it out and share your opinions on it. That blog really drives me crazy.

    1. Hi Gino Hem!

      Welcome to my blog and I hope you become a follower in here. I would like to stress that I would agree with what you said about Toku Pinoy though I do agree with some stuff he says like media stupidity but I don't like his unfair PR hatred. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Well during the mid 90s, there was a little crappy magazine called Oriental Cinema and the writer, Damon Foster was the most biggoted and ignorant Asxxxxe ever. Nothing nice even on Toku that came and went. It must have great martial arts action from Japan Action Club and less stories and special effects.
    Then there was this moody and prissy blogger in the early 2000s name Jill Sylvan. She was very knowledgeable with Super Sentai but had a extremely big ego.and very temperamental for no reason. Sean I wish we where friends then and now as you are the coolest man to go.to.about Super Sentai.


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