Zyuranger's "I Want to Eat Mei" vs. MMPR's "Flower Power"

After doing some flower analysis on Momoko and Mei individually, I guess I'll compare Mei and Kimberly in terms of impact, nightmare fuel and perhaps "just too standard" and as well as the common mistakes both made.  Hey, nothing's perfect really!  For MMPR I wish I could get clearer pictures though as the MMPR version still touched me.

First the introduction of the flowers.  In Mei's case she was happy to see the Rishiyam flower and it involves a boy who is the child of a family who owns a flower ship.  In Kimberly's case she was making a float for the peace parade which she resents.  In the case of Kimberly, she was displayed to have more emotions in teh first part when it came to her float ruined... though Mei later got more emotional due to a boy who later hated flowers temporarily thanks to Bandora's ruin.  I really felt bad for the boy who burned the flowers believing them to be evil and Mei convinces her not too- pretty more emotional than a ruined float though I'd sympathize on both sides one way or another.

In terms of nightmare fuel execution, Zyuranger does it better.  Bulk and Skull were assaulted by flowers that weren't as scary as that in the Japanese footage nor were anybody really getting sick due to MMPR having to conform to TV-Y7-FV standards vs. to that of Japan.  I just thought those killer flowers were scary as some of the "real ones" (that is from the footage) made it into MMPR as used footage.

Just the big mistake of BOTH series.  There's really not much explanation why Bandora had Dora Guzzler shrunk much less for Rita Repulsa to shrink Spit Flower.  WTF? So I wonder what went wrong in Zyuranger.  Neither show was really able to explain.

Compared to that of Kimberly's focus, Mei actually has been given some dramatic decisions to which could cost her very own life.  Kimberly was less badass in this one though she still has done her part.  In MMPR, Zordon tells them of the weak point of the Spit Blossom compared to that of Mei that she had to do the Rishiyam sacrifice to which could kill her.  Fortunately she wasn't killed.  I really got WTF every time Tommy was back-up until I realized in Zyuranger, Burai was a dying man who needed to stay in a room where time stood kill and it was difficult to incorporate Tommy all the time with the stock footage Toei provides.

Not much power on Kimberly though, felt too much like pretty standard Sentai/PR episode (ex. Haruna's focus episodes in Turboranger don't give much of a backstory on her, just her figuring things out and that's how I felt about Kimberly here too) than one that's moved with drama with her float being destroyed for the sake of hurting the heroes.  But I still felt sorry for Kimberly though but not as much as Mei who could DIE from what seemed to be the only way to defeat Dora Guzzler.  Of course, Burai's clock was ticking a lot faster so more emotions compared to Tommy comforting Kimberly (at least Tommy doesn't have to worry about having so much little time to live!).

But just some credits, Kimberly's flower makes it to the parade while in the case of Mei, she is seen watering some flowers.  Overall both episodes had their own credits, too bad MMPR wasn't really that good but it still has my respects.  The writers could have however used a little bit of Momoko's style of plot with the Carol Love for Kimberly instead.


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