Bioman's Prince and Shuichi

Well I guess some people have already guessed it that Dr. Man was a human being but not the Big Three since Dr. Man had a hint saying to Mason he didn't design him to fail.  Now I really thought of the events that really led to his revelation that he was a human and what made him the evil big bad he is.

In episodes 19-20 we are introduced to the Prince.  Prince claims he is the son of Dr. Man which hints that the former is really a human, not a robot.  In fact, Mason had already learned quite earlier that Dr. Man was human, well not ever since Dr. Man said that Prince was his only son.  But we later see the fact that Prince was actually a robot created in the image of Dr. Man's son programmed to be extremely cruel and Ryuta wanted to talk sense into him because of his supposed age.  Prince's flaw was soon revealed when Ryuta talked some sense into him about his mother which triggers his memory of his mother which soon revealed he wasn't human.  He was revealed to be a robot which was pretty much a shocker for me since I thought he was a human being when he first appeared.  Reprogrammed by Dr. Man, they had no choice but to destroy him.  Mason however had already discovered Dr. Man was a human and so did the Biomen but his origins are all in the vague as of the moment.  Meanwhile Mason plots the downfall  of Dr. Man behind the scenes.

In episodes 25-26 we discover the real son of Dr. Man, Shuichi who was given for adoption by his mother after the events that led Professor Kageyama to become Dr. Man.  Kind of funny how the Biomen would suspect the boy to be the Prince if they see him eating noodles on TV then again it's typical stuff like these that make Sentai fun XD.  The arc introduces us to the discovery of who Dr. Man was than just the confirmation that he was a human being.  In fact while it did linger around for some time when Ryuta mentioned he was pretty sure Dr. Man had a son, they did manage to leave the suspense a little bit to give some "development time" for the revelation of the true son of Dr. Man who eventually helps them fight Gear after he refuses to join his biological father's conquest of the world and not to mention, defeat Dr. Man's pride with human emotions during the finale.


  1. This formula is sort of repeated again in Zyuranger. Sorry since some people are new to Super Sentai or never seen Zyurangers.I got to narrate this story. Unlike MMPR, Bandra has a origin to go on. Before she was a witch, Bandra was a Dutchess whose mischevous son was killed by a T Rex when he was destroying their eggs. As she finds her son Kai killed she swore vengence on all dinosaurs and the rest of the Yamato civilization with the help of Dai Satan who bequeath her the powers she needs. In episode 46, Kai returns and helps his mother fulfill her quest in defeating the Zyurangers and ruling earth. Now this is a similar element of a child and parent teaming up to defeat their enemy. This concept and again is repeated and more closer to the Prince/Doctorman machine relationship.
    Though only a two parter, in the Ohranger episode. A deranged robotics scientist who steals Oh Blue's Choriki crystal to power up his robot copy of his deceased son. Baranoia unleashed Bara Ivy monster to wreck Tokyo. The scientist somehow allies himself with Baranoia and merges with Bara Ivy and uses his android son as a battery/ battle computer. Talking about one happy family. Eventually the Ohrangers finishes him off end ends both his madness and misery.

  2. P.S.- Hidenori Iura, actor who portrayed Prince also played Comboy Tatsuya from the last Sentai of Goggle V. But 7 years later, he would star in Solbrain as Jun Masuda a plain clothes team member. Whether or not he is still acting, I thought he should have been cast in a leading role as the hero.


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