Current Thoughts on Super Sentai vs. Super Sentai (Two Teams)

Well it's been some time since I haven't touched that fic and I assume the author himself must be very busy with real life scores.  In fact, I won't even get angry if he quits it since livelihood is very important.  But here's my thoughts on the two series:

Takeru and Takeru- Team 1 has Takeru/Shinken Red and Team 2 has Takeru/Red Mask getting separated from their time periods and landing somewhere.  So we have two "Another Time, Another Takeru." chapters though I really and personally like the second one better.  So Takeru Shiba meets Momoko in Team One, loved the joke of "plastic surgery".  It manages to show the differences between them.

Mako and Momoko reuniting with the red rangers after they were separated from them.  In Team 1, Mako joins in as a member of the team and in Team 2, Momoko joins in.  I wish he can update Team 2 soon because well, Momoko's in and she needs some development soon.

Radiguet and Long.  Series 1 has Radiguet as the main villain, Series 2 has Long as the main villain.  Really these two are well what I'd call the best choices for villains to write about.

Miki and Mei- I dunno why I'm even raising this up, call me crazy with a k hee hee.  Well I get reminded of Kimberly in a way because of the gymnast aspect Miki had and for Mei, she was Kim's original counterpart.

Overall, I really wish for this story to continue but I won't be selfish.  Just my few cents.


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