Some Gobusters/Power Rangers RPM Similarities

Well this will be a very shallow article but I just thought here are some similarities between Power Rangers RPM (based on Go-onger) and Gobusters as said, they both like to copy from each other.  Note these are all very shallow and just surface similarities.

Takeshi Kuroki and Colonel Mason Truman- Both act as the commanding officers of their respective series.

Miho Nakamura and Dr. K - Both of them exist as the technician of both their respective ranger teams.

Messiah and Venjix- Both started out as computer viruses that have become a real menace.  While Venjix was created by Dr. K in an attempt to escape, Messiah was an unknown virus that gained power through Enetron.  Unlike Venjix, Messiah is ultimately destroyed after he was revived near the finale leaving Enter as the final villain and noteworthy Gobusters is NOT a doomsday Super Sentai.  In fact made me think Enter might also get rid of Venjix as well if he were in RPM giving the RPM group a much harder time.

Escape and Tenaya- Made me think that both were femme fatales though they operate very differently.  Escape was purely a computer program, Tenaya was a brainwashed and crazy human being.


  1. here's to hoping Saban would be smart enough to use Go-Buster as a "sequel" of sorts for RPM.


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