Jetman's Biggest Plot Hole?

While Jetman still remains my favorite Super Sentai, sometimes I really want to ask this question on why in in the world did Radiguet turn Rie Aoi into Maria?  For one, let's just analyze Radiguet:

We know Radiguet is a self-righteous person who abhors humans calling them "bastards" but why in the world did he save Rie Aoi?  I mean he could get any girl he wanted but why her of all people?  Why did he turn her into a Vyram?  I do sometimes find it confusing whether or not Radiguet really has a good taste in women then if he does, why doesn't he well turn every hot girl on Earth into Vyram officers?  Maybe even attempt to seduce Aya-Chokan?  Hmmm... just doesn't make sense that Radiguet had to even...

Yup it's all about that Radiguet falling for Maria thing.  I do find that plot of him lusting after Maria to be a really terrifying plot.  So he said, "Regardless who wins, you are mine."  The plot resulted to that after he fell for Maria and realized he can't have her, he killed her.  Then again, if I were him, I would really try to seduce Aya-Chokan and use her against the Jetmen as well.

I really wish Toshiki Inoue can explain this one.


  1. Yeah, as much as I love Jetman, the whole why Radiguet made a human a Vyram was a big plot hole.

    I don't think Radiguet ever had any feelings of love towards Maria. I think he just saw her as a precious warrior that should only belong to him and no one else.

    This is just a theory, but maybe as much as Radiguet hated humans, he still wanted to experiment on a human to see if they were capable of anything at all.

  2. Yeah, that has been a great plot hole for Radiguet. He despises human but for some reason he picks out Rei and transforms her into Maria( what is she wearing she looks like a Marshmellow).
    We see how he treats human, when he vaporized Saki a girl who is dying from cancer and nursed Radiguet back to health when.he became human temporily.

    I guess it was up to the viewers to assume that Radiguet is in denile and has a fetish for humans.

    The great plot hole and if you could call me bias then I am. Writing Kaori Rokemeikkan into the most annoying and unattractive female character ever.
    She is not a brilliant actress but casting Rika Kishida really was a double edge sword.
    Set aside Mai Tsubasa/ Change Phoenix who is not sexy, but at least she does her job.
    The problem with Kaori is she is a giant Drama Queen and she is the complete opposite of Jun the Swan.
    Now in it as a whole, with all the girls that Gai Yuuki is dating or sleeping with are very sexy and attractive. Why is he in love with Kaori?????
    Well beauty is in the eye of the beholder and Life imitating Art, Kotaro Tanaka married Rika in real life and I do hope them the best.

  3. Well, I noticed than in the very first episode if you pay attention when Maria makes her appearance Grey and Radiguet look at Tran like "who the hell is this" implying he was the one to save and brainwashed Rie which would make sense because Tran has the whole brat attitude and probably did that just to piss off his teammates.
    I think later on they choose to make it look like it was Radiguet the one responsible for it, don't ask me why...


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