My Overall Thoughts on Go-onger

Go-onger is pretty much a like it or hate it season, for me it's a guilty pleasure.  I don't hate it but I can't praise it either.  For me, I just watch this show for blatant silliness than storyline since I'd admit it's truly a messy one.

The cast of characters.  Pretty much, the characters are usually imbalanced or something.  Like I would comment that Saki's pretty dumb.  I don't have much problems with Sosuke, Gunpei or Renn (despite him being the nerdy type) but sometimes Hant gets me mixed due to the fact he can be very funny but there are just some scenes that makes him very annoying.  I don't find them hateful no matter how stupid they are.  Even Hant is less annoying than Patrick Star.

For the Go-on Wings, Hiruto is VERY much like a Squidward-type character.  I really find him annoying but at least he's got real talent but whatever.  Really Hiruto does get on my nerves with how self-obsessed he is and Miu, well she does have those issues to.  Fortunately Hiruto doesn't play the clarinet and suck at it or busily make portraits of himself.  He is serious about taking care of Gaiarc and he's no lazy chap.

The Go-on Engines are pretty much those in Cars.  So they do talk and interact, something that's more appealing to younger audiences.  For me the mecha designs are pretty goofy which may be appropriate considering this is a wacky denser and wackier season.

As for the Gaiarc, I think they're just a group of silly villains at first.  To be honest, I think Yogoschrimaten ruined the atmosphere when he arrived in the scenario.  They are pretty inconsistent between lighter and softer, darker and edgier to denser and wackier.  I thought that the villains should have just stayed stupid and not introduce the final big bad as a scary villain.

Overall, Go-onger's not a bad season for me, I don't hate it but I can't really call it an outstanding season though I'd watch it over the more serious (and depressing) Gobusters.


  1. When this series came out and I saw how it roll, I knew it was Carrangers but just as silly.
    And we can't say Liveman isn't original as that series has been picked apart and.barrowed now twice. And both Black and Green are similar to Tatsuya and Junichi and the two are very similar in personality too.

    The highlight and also the 1st true 7 member is Go-On Wings. The siblings worked as a classes character. Go On Silver was the 1st female Bangai Heroine and she was the hottest actress in the series.

    Overall Toei's ratings must have been high as this series was aimed for younger children.

    RPM was set as a darker series, never saw it and that is another story.


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