What If I Wrote Hurricanger

Well here's my first first on a "what if I were the writer" of this series.  So first maybe I'll feature Hurricanger.  Here's how I might write it:

Introducing the heroes.  For me, I would really build some tension between them like maybe, let some darker and edgier themes hit the three of them.  I might make it where they seek revenge for their loved ones, friends, etc. that were killed during the Ninja School attack.  I would start the opening with the Jakanja attacking the Ninja School and to make things tighter, I'll put a backstory with some of the Jakanja members having joined Tao Zanto for the sake of power.

For the Goraigers, I think I might retain their desire for revenge.  The desire for revenge here will be because they are misled by Tao Zanto into believing their parents were killed by the Hurricangers during the assault.

For the bad guys:

I would make the Jakanja darker and edgier with real background story with the Hurricangers.  I do think it would be better if Tao Zanto didn't kidnap the students, instead he orders his troops to massacre them.  I might write his plot where he has been manipulating certain people until they reach a certain level of evil energy for him to use.  Then I'll have him finally absorb all their power, put the world under mind control and the Hurricangers defeat him with all their might.

I might make Sargain the only person that Tao Zanto ever trusts.

For Wendinu, I might give her the cold personality of Mazenda.  I might give her a past with Hurricane Red or Hurricane Yellow like Mazenda's in Liveman to which leads to dangerous intrigue. For Furaibijou, I might make her a tragic character who after dropping out of ninja school, Tao Zanto makes her one of his members but is severely a misfit.

For these generals, I might give them a personal backstory with the protagonists.  For Chuuzubu will have a history with the Goraigers as the murderer of their parents.  For Manuramba, I might make him a genetic experiment that Tao Zanto created to spite the others. For Satorakura, I might give him a backstory of being an ambitious kabuki player who joins Jakanja out of spite or maybe a yakuza gang leader.  For Sandaaru, I might make him more than just a treacherous foe, I might give him the backstory similar to Kemp but with a twist- he's joined Jakanja hoping to achieve the ultimate power but is destroyed eventually by Hurricane Red in a one on one battle.


  1. As this series is Liveman with a Ninja theme, the 1st episode was a massive slaughter with all 5 devision of the Ninja school are murdered. As Kouta,Nanami and Yousukeare the only survivors. There is nobody representing grey or black.

    By that episode the three should be gloom and doom with vengence but they seem to forget about it all.
    Also they should have killed off completely of Sensei Hinata as a drive to fight the Jukenjas. Having a talking Hamster is not helping in drama.purposes.
    Though it.was meant to be a dark drama. The writers had no choice but to keep the series light hearted.
    Anyway great dramatic proposal.


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