Clarification: Why Power Rangers Isn't Fake

Well maybe some you have actually read my confession I was originally going to turn this blog into a Super Sentai purist blog and a Power Rangers bashing blog and I used to hate Power Rangers when I discovered about Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger.  However in reality, I realized no matter how much I like Super Sentai (but recently I may not continue watching it due to the fact Gobusters and Kyoryuger doesn't click with me but I respect its fans), however I still have a soft spot for Power Rangers.  I grew up with Power Rangers though I also watched Super Sentai.  Sideline, I don't like Super Sentai dubs, my ears hurt watching them.  Now back to reality and me doing a similar post to UkiyaSeed, another great dude and in honor of Mr. Smith's PR Sentai Universe blog which I hope will get updated soon. Also this is to ALL those Super Sentai fans who keep calling Power Rangers a rip-off, fake and parasite.  I can tolerate it being called a remake but a remake STAYS in its country, Power Rangers is an adaptation of Super Sentai like Meteor Garden is an adaptation of Hana Yori Dango.  Calling Power Rangers fake is just as stupid as calling Meteor Garden fake.

Power Rangers and will always be a reconcilable difference with Super Sentai, not oil and water and here's why.

I find it pretty sad how many people DID NOT get the what could be the real message behind "Delusion Import" in Akibaranger.  For some, they think it was an anti-Power Rangers episode when it is NOT.  The whole episode somewhat focused on the delusion of American fans and two perhaps the delusions of Super Sentai fans who want to lock up Cakeboss ahem Haim Saban behind bars.  Please, do your research. In fact, I grew up thinking Power Rangers was fake until I did some research.  True I still love Super Sentai better but it doesn't give me the right to hate Power Rangers much more write a horrid bad hate fic or hate blog against it!  I don't like a show why watch it or write about it?  Why I stopped being an unfair hater was because not only due to bad comments I got and deserved but also because it's bad for my well-being.  I would say as much as it offends Power Rangers haters who follow my blog, you better find some other place to hang out because this is not the place for bashing Power Rangers!

You have to understand the fact that Saban Brands (or used to be Saban Entertainment) GETS legal rights with Toei.  So it's not even exploitation either.  He has a contract APPROVED by Toei, Toei is CREDITED and if you have read credits in Power Rangers you get to read things like "Based on Samurai Sentai Shinkenger" and "Based on the works of Yasuko Kobayashi." though I have to admit, they have to credit the writers more as well aside from acknowledging its life source is from Toei and their licenses.  If Saban were guilty of copyright infringement, well Toei could have sued him years ago but he isn't.  Why don't those Sentai purists DO THEIR RESEARCH?!  Hee hee, Saban DOES look similar to Kougami in Kamen Rider OOO.  For Saban I do have issues though when he franchised Kamen Rider Black RX, B-Fighter, B-Fighter Kabuto, Metalder, Spielban and Shaider footage because they also produced awful shows.

So there was the argument if Saban had the rights to Super Sentai footage, why not dub it?  Reality to reality is there is MUCH cultural difference between Super Sentai and Power Rangers.  For one, there's really a lot of stuff in Super Sentai that you can't really have in Power Rangers like hero deaths, blood, perversity and extremely depressing scenarios.  America has the TV-Y7-FV rating system amigos while Japan doesn't so there.  Meanwhile Filipinos and Super Sentai, well there's me who's pretty much as of late overly whining about Super Sentai dubs because I really just love the original voices better.  Heck, why can't Power Rangers be just SUBBED for Japanese audience?  Both shows are best appreciated with natural voices and subs!

Also please note that while Power Rangers began copying from Super Sentai, later Super Sentai copied original ideas from Power Rangers.  There's a lot to name like Gobusters as the term "Megazords" and they say "It's Morphin' Time".  You might want to consider examples like Ban's Battlizer in Magiranger vs. Dekaranger was from Power Rangers SPD and the Go-ongers met Santa Claus in a two parter special which may remind some of the MMPR meets Santa Claus but with a different approach.  But horrendous to horrendous, I will admit Kamen Rider Decade is really as awful as Saban's Mashed Rider.  Yup it's Mashed Rider Decade.

Pretty much, Power Rangers fans are the number one reason why this blog reached to some heights though my deepest apologies, I have had some issues with Super Sentai as of late after Gokaiger so this blog may soon become "left out" and maybe I'll give it for adoption as long as it's not at the hands of a Power Rangers hater. In fact, while I still like Super Sentai but I believe I currently like Kamen Rider of the Heisi era more now because it's very much like a J-Drama (which I like better than Super Sentai).  But still, I'm a fan of Super Sentai and I am still willing to support Power Rangers fans who like Super Sentai.  I could care less if Super Sentai is overshadowed by Power Rangers, that's the very reason why this blog started and two, I could care less about popularity, I am my own person and I have my choices.


  1. And now you learned your lesson Sean Akizuki, for being bias on Power Rangers. Remember the word "respect"
    I don't really care about Power Rangers is a rip-off blah.. blah.. blah..
    You forgotten the one thing and that's the Power Rangers fans why they are disappoint, angry.
    And now you learned the truth about why Power Rangers is not a rip-off. That will be a lesson for you.

    1. We all have our opinions so why quarrel? It's a truth that the Sentai purists must accept that Power Rangers is not a rip-off as much as Power Rangers purists must accept that Super Sentai came in first and it exists.

      I'd call them unfair haters because they are hating something not based on reality but based on their biases. It's a problem in Tokusatsu communities to do endless debate, etc. Also I'd be a bastard not to be thankful for Power Rangers fans who supported this blog for some time.

  2. Sure Saban paid good money fot Toei materials. But if its the only way to see Sentai, Metalder, Spielban, Kamen Rider Black RX etc and it hurts our IQ with bad plot and acting then I don't want it.

  3. In all honesty, when I started getting into Super Sentai earlier this year, I nearly became a Sentai purist myself, but when I looked at your blog (before this post and UkiyaSeed's post on Orends: Range was even posted), I'm glad I didn't become one. Power Rangers was a part of my childhood after all.

    Of course, I prefer Super Sentai over Power Rangers, but I still can't believe that some people still think that Power Rangers is a Super Sentai rip-off, when it's actually a licensed adaptation of Super Sentai.


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