A Comparison of Shinkenger and Boukenger: Both Overrated Series

I was inspired to do this post when there was this debate of which is worse- Operation Overdrive or Power Rangers Samurai.  Now just my thought- both shows are really quite overrated and I thought I might analyze concept and execution.  Operation Overdrive was a bad series but had a series of good concepts, Boukenger gets overrated and so is Shinkenger.  Now to see which series had done it better...


Satoru vs. Takeru Shiba- So yeah, some think Satoru is a refresher but after repeatedly watching Boukenger (say five times because I had a crush on Sakura, stupid huh?), I would say that Satoru is pretty reckless compared to the character I used to compare him to... Ryu Tendo.  Takeru Shiba might be sometimes aloof or pretends to be high and mighty, but he doesn't put his team at unnecessary risk.  So pretty much, Takeru still wins.  Since Takeru Shiba has no canon pairing, so fans are free to fan pair him with any of the girls or maybe even any of the girls he met during crossovers. XD

Souta vs. Ryunosuke- Both are pretty fine.  I think Souta is still fine in his own way, and perhaps despite his flaws, he doesn't recklessly waste his team though that Souta/Shizuka gag can get pretty old.  In another case, Ryunosuke is  pretty much a comic relief, overly loyal dude who is devoted to the cause.  It's hard to choose the better one here. XP

Sakura vs. Mako- I'd like to agree with ThatChick in her recent post that Sakura can be too much a Mary Sue though the show shows her as a cold character who can be Yuuri gone wrong so I was only drooling at her.  Now for the other character- Mako.  Fortunately Mako is very human in a way though her bad cooking gag can be pretty exaggerated (come on, this is Toku, note to self) since I'd admit my sister used to be a bad cook but none of her dishes knocked us out (she got better though).  Mako is no Mary Stu, she may be gorgeous but she's got her own set of flaws (like her bad cooking or the episode with her and Ryunosuke) that make her so human though it doesn't mean she doesn't have room to develop. Mako imo is way more likeable than Sakura overall.  Just my thought, Mako is probably more overrated than Sakura by the fanboys. =P

Natsuki vs. Kotoha- In terms of comedy, I'd say Natsuki tends to get annoying because she is exaggeratingly stupid and naughty like a raccoon, just don't put her near Eri or any airhead characters.  On the other hand, Kotoha was still struggling at the beginning but hey, let's credit the fact she gets better every episode.  So yeah, her comic relief isn't based on nonsense but rather, natural uplifting spirits.  So Kotoha wins over Natsuki.

Masumi vs. Chiaki- Well both are different types of bad boys but Chiaki, not really he was more of a slacker like Akira in Maskman who didn't like to take his job seriously.  Masumi on the other hand, he's what I'd call an attempt to remake Gai Yuki in another way (since he doesn't go around chasing girls).  Masumi tried to leave the team, Chiaki was more of the happy-go-lucky.  In my case, Chiaki was more interesting to watch with him being a rebellious youth changing for the better.

Eiji vs. Genta- This is a REAL bias vote for one good reason.  I'm okay with Genta but I freaking love Eiji, he's my favorite Boukenger.  For me, Genta despite him being comical (and sometimes goes to horrid extents) isn't just your samurai wannabee who never gets any development (i.e. Spike Skullovitch) but rather, he does get real development like when he becomes a Shinkenger, he really helped the team out with his hidden talent.  Just my thought, I still like Eiji better.

Mecha plot:

Both shows had their issues with multiple mecha and here's some things I'd like to say.  Both shows were pretty weak with mecha plot (but it did make good toy sales).  In the case of Shinkenger, I'd probably credit that the mecha plot imo was slightly better like there's some challenges to getting the Tora Origami, Kabuto Origami and Swordfish Origami.  The Ebi Origami was Genta's new mecha.

The introduction of the Daivoyager and the Mougyudaioh.  I do love both robots but I seldom think that both robots were just made to make more toy sales.  The way it was introduced was pretty standard like "Hey the other mecha is weak, let's launch this new one." and does the it saves the day cliche.  Mougyudaioh felt pretty much a weaker version of the Galaxy Robo plot from Maskman which was also in Ohranger's Red Puncher.  In my opinion, there was more drama attached to the Mougyudaioh though it became like the Daivoyager just another gimmick.

Ultimate Daibouken vs. Samuraihaoh- I had my thoughts that both of them pretty look bulky.  For me, Ultimate Daibouken is better because it can move more freely while Samuraihaoh looks pretty bulky.  Cluster mechas can be cool depending on how they are done.  In the case of Ultimate Daibouken, it was introduced for me "way too early" compared to Samuraihaoh.


Morio Makino vs. Jii- I used to like Morio Makino that much but this time, not as much as I used to.  Morio Makino appears to be not so involved, pretty standard except for some jokes.  But Jii, well he may be a more serious character but he does comedy better since it's not random but rather can be well-timed.  I thought Jii's devotion to his job as a retainer and the mentor of the other Shinkengers, he really shows he can be pretty badass especially when he once went into battle.

For me, Mr. Voice was just kind of useless and the whole plot that he was actually nothing more than an alias for Leona, is too last minute. =/

Villain set.  It's hard to do a comparison here as individuals so I'd like to do it as a group:

Boukenger had an interesting concept of villains fighting each other for supremacy like the Vyram were fighting in Jetman.  My problem was this- the villains tend to be out of balance.  While I definitely have Ryuon and Yaiba as my favorite villains (both were SOBs) and that Yaiba really is a bigger threat than Gure can ever be due to his really sick mindset, my problems and well I'd say the Questers can kick Ramu and Gogu's butt in Jetman but it's this- villain rivalry isn't really serious.  Ryuon can what Mr. Smith call to be a "softer Radiguet" which imo, the villain isn't just scary but more comical and two, Gaja is pretty boring and why on Earth is he the final villain?!  In terms of plot, all they do is try to get Precious (which is the theme of the show) and the only villains I think are really doing a good job harassing the heroes are Ryuon (he's got a lot of moral event horizons here), Yaiba (him too, I love the plot between him and Masumi) but the rest, the Questers could have been cooler only if they didn't spend too much time making robots but they had cooler moments like their team up with Ryuon or two, the events that led to their death.

On the other hand, Shinkenger had some villains that might be scary to a child.  Doukoku is one sick bastard even if he's just an Orcus on his throne who is pretty scary with that gruff voice provided by Rintaro Nishi. Dayu's backstory was pretty interesting as well.  For Juzo, he really could be a scary character for kids because of one thing, he really is a bloodthirsty guy who cares nothing more but to kill and to kill.  Shitari, well he is a throwback of 80s Sentai creature villains like Anagbas from Maskman or Gator from Changeman.  The villains here had a throwback of the stupid take over the world plans though that whole Gedoushu drying up thing is a pretty silly running gag which I think kids laugh to.  The whole Takeru/Juzo rivalry for me is more intense than the rather "too standard" Satoru vs. Ryuon rivalry (which is a weaker version of Ryu vs. Radiguet).

So for both groups, the Gedoushu actually do manage to do some real plans than the Boukenger villains who are usually just trying to get to to the Precious first.

Just made me think, I still like Boukenger and still do but overtime, Shinkenger for me has started to become better as I rewatch both series.  Yeah both are overrated series and I don't know which is more popular, but right now I feel a change of heart between both series now liking Shinkenger better.

Updated on: October 9, 2013 due to me forgetting to compare Masumi and Chiaki


  1. I noticed you didn't do a comparison to the "bad boys" of their respective teams--Masumi and Chiaki.


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