Akibaranger: Why I Want a Season Three

Yup after Season Tsuu of Akibaranger, I can't help but "cry" over the deaths of the Akibarangers.  What in the world was going on?  I was thinking maybe there was a reason why the Akibarangers had to crash into the sun...

Yup it was a very sad way to end it.  The clip show done at the end of Season Tsuu really made me sad to think that I see Hiroyo Hakase sad at the death of the Akibarangers.  So Hatte Saburo could bring them back if he wanted, though something needs some explanation though if they were brought back.  I just thought seeing Mikoto, Mika and Naoto (in suit) bring back the Akibarangers to Heaven was sad.  I even wanted to pat Hiroyo Hakase' shoulder or let her lean on mine during her memorial of the Akibarangers in the clip show.

The fact that Akibarangers brings some nostalgic stuff like Okamoto and legendary red ranger stuntman Niibori does help those who have no knowledge of the people behind the scenes as children, see the people behind the scenes.  It was enjoyable to see these concepts.

It's also all about the delusions that make the show fun in a way.  Of course, there's a lot of humor and serious moments to love about the show.  Yup the comedy seems to be rooted upon a lot of "what ifs".  That episode where the robot girl monster doesn't go monstrous and of course, attacking Akagi's stupid attraction on robot girls was funny.

Making what if scenarios that seem to address a message.  Yup I can't forget that Powerful Rangers episode which poked fun at misconceptions about Super Sentai fans and Power Rangers fans.  I can't forget how silly that episode was making fun of the copyright infringement misconception.

So yeah, here's me hoping for a Season Three of Akibaranger since I felt like I had a hangover and want more of it.  Other than that, I feel like this decade's Super Sentai after Gokaiger is taking a turn for the worse and needs some changes.  So yeah, I'm really running out of ideas to the point I'll probably start tending more to my other major blogs like my Oriental Celebrities blog (where you can get to see some "after the Sentai" of your favorite Sentai stars), my personal blog or my Oriental drama blog.


  1. I just finished watching both seasons. A real masterpiece. I hope a Season 3 is done -- but I think they planned things from the beginning for a two-part season event. Things like the two portals, seen in season 1, seem like a seed planted for events in season 2. Plus their weapons from both seasons combined together. So I think it was planned from the get-go.

    Wether Akibaranger returns or not -- they will definitely live on in our hearts and in the minds of fans!


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