Are Super Sentai Rangers Good Role Models Despite Flaws?

Well based on Henshin Grid's post about the Power Rangers as role models, I thought I'll do a Super Sentai one.  There are no perfect characters, to make a story better flaws are needed.  It's sort of a 3D thing and I would admit as a writer, I tend to make things one dimensional.

I haven't seen much of Goranger and didn't learn of its existence until I was 16 years old.  My mother admitted to watching this as a child.  So far, they are portrayed to be working together despite their flaws.  Now moving on...

Slacking off.  Some rangers tend to slack off at times.  In Maskman, Akira was seldom not serious with himself though he got better and same with Chiaki.

Super Sentai had its examples of rebel rangers.  In Bioman, the first rebel ranger concept was introduced in Mika Koizumi though she only wanted out because she wanted to continue her late brother's footsteps.  Sadly due to contractual issues, the character had to be written off where she gave her life.  Maybe the more controversial was Gai Yuki since he was some kind of a bum, gambler, boozer and smoker not to mention a flirt.  In fact, that episode where he was supposedly "marrying" Ako despite her age, he wanted to make it look real and of course his crush on Kaori.  Gai, yeah he was pretty much into those stuff though he managed to develop for the better though he later smoked one bit after some time he may have quit smoking before he died.  Despite all of Gai's weaknesses, he does really care about his teammates.

Impulsive behavior can be shown.  My favorite example is with Ryuta (my favorite Bioman up to today) who during the Prince arc of Bioman decided to face the lad to try and teach the latter about the real value of human life that is until the latter was revealed to be nothing more than a robot.  Nanbara nearly got killed during that arc.  However he later learned out of these experiences and matured as a character.

Lying.  Takeru lied to the Maskmen about his past only for them to be surprised about his past was exactly the opposite of what he was.  In fact, that episode was so hilariously funny when they knew that as a kid, he was a stubborn naughty child.  That episode didn't surprise me though considering I was that kind of kid.  Probably the biggest lesson learned there is that, you can't cover fire with paper!

The non-ideal leader.  Riki Honoo became a Turboranger who had bad grades and was not in good graces with his teacher.  I just thought that this character development was also fun to watch and see him mature from being a bad student to becoming a good leader, leading a team of teenagers with attitude to save the world.

Blinded by revenge.  You'll have to admit that while it's usually the bad guys who seek revenge, the heroes do get at times blinded by revenge like Ryu did when Radiguet killed his beloved Rie.  At that episode, Ryu was a bad role model when he chose to leave his duties to get personal with Radiguet.

Making up for bad behavior they did under a spell or not.  Burai unlike Tommy wasn't placed under a spell, he did all the evil he did in Zyuranger at his own free will during the six-parter arc that introduced him which can be dubbed as "Green with Evil".  During that arc, Burai eventually softens up when he realizes the mistakes he did against his own brother Geki.  On the other hand, Shirogane was temporarily possessed by the wolf demon Loki because of something he did in the past, that was wear the Wolf's Mask so he could defeat the final Org 1,000 years ago and he still feels guilty for what he did while he was brainwashed and crazy.

For Kou, heh I guess this guy caused some controversy not only because of his crush on Lin who was an adult and he was only nine years old and also because of stuff he did.  He was a pervert during his earlier appearance even to the point he used his powers to lift girls' skirts up... and Byakoshinken rebuked him for his abuse of powers which imo is much worse than Justin teleporting for convenience.  Kou did get better though and he was probably a lesson to kids to never do stuff that he did that got him into trouble.

Running away from home.  Tatsuya did run away from home and this plot was copied to Wes in Power Rangers Time Force.  Some might view this as a bad example considering the fact that it might influence people to do the same if their parents displeased them.

Mischievous behavior.  Genta for example is always shown to be full of mischief in Shinkenger which already made a lighter season, even lighter.  For one, even his introduction presented him doing pranks like him firing an arrow into the Shinkenger base to advertise his sushi stall.

Some of them can get questionable in their silliness.  My favorite example is Hant in Go-onger and his silly-minded and seldom selfish motives.  Just think of him getting a job in Go-onger just to get closet o girls and then he has all his stupid behavior that could have killed his teammates like trying to "medicate" Sosuke.  IMO this guy is almost as stupid as Patrick Star in Spongebob!  This actually puts Hant a lot of points down compared to Ziggy in RPM.

I seldom like to raise the Gokaigers considering that these guys were pirates.  Marvelous felt like a jerk to me then again, he's a jerk with a heart of gold.  For Luka, she does get tempted to steal stuff, she is kind of greedy which for me could be easily imitated though she later overcame the habit.

But as said, I think they become good role models by actually overcoming their bad habits and learning to work through their flaws.  As said, there are no perfect heroes, they're just humans who are fighting to get rid of bad habits in them as well.


  1. Though they did not any flaws, my role models of Super Sentai is Jyo Oohara, Kazu and Daigo.


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