Clarification: Kenji Ohba DOES NOT Call Power Rangers Fake!

It's really something whenever these fan wars are triggered and so on.  So far, I have seen the interview and okay even if CSToys is the endorser but the fact he wished Power Rangers luck proves he's NOT against it and two, doesn't mean he says it's been recreated (as shown in the Youtube video) doesn't mean it's fake.  Bootlegs are UNLICENSED reproduction, Toei gives Saban the permission to produce Power Rangers and if you read the opening or ending credits, Toei acknowledges the existence of these so-called "bootlegs" that they have licensed it or like in the Power Rangers credits that say things like, "Based on Samurai Sentai Shinkenger" which again, it can't be plagiarism either because it acknowledges its life source and Saban can call it as "Saban's Power Rangers" since the name was approved by Toei at the same time for his use, so yeah please note that Super Sentai is not Power Rangers.

Sure Power Rangers borrows footage but its a child of Super Sentai, not a parasite.  True it cannot exist without Super Sentai but it's more of a child and Super Sentai is the parent and not a parasite.  In fact, I used to believe Power Rangers was fake until I started doing some research.  Sure Super Sentai for me would usually be better plotwise and for shallow reasons, I like Super Sentai better but even if I'm less of a Power Rangers fan, I still can respect it on its own and two, the direction of this blog going from bashing Power Rangers to helping Power Rangers fans see the truth about Super Sentai if they are now wondering what shows their favorite shows were based from.  But sadly, the whole interview was severely misinterpreted yet again with Super Sentai fans who are much like the Power Rangers fans who hate Super Sentai in Rangerboard. =(


  1. I still am amazed at how many people feel that power rangers are "fake" or unauthorized.

    Simple logic says that there is no way in hell that that Toei or any of the companies involved would have allowed MMPR to become the US/Euro phenomenon that it was in the 90s if it was unauthorized or a "Bootleg". They would have been sued into oblivion, just common sense folks.

    1. You are right about that JP Cupertino. I used to think Power Rangers is fake until I started to do some research. Well for one, Saban credits Toei (but he should credit the writers more as well).

      If you ask me, Power Rangers is obviously recreated but with Toei's permission. I thank you for dropping by to comment on this post. Thanks a lot. =D

  2. It isn't fake because Saban paid Toei for the rights. But I will never accept the 20 season as cannon or take the place of the REAL DEAL!!!


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