Enemy Fighter Jets in Super Sentai

Some enemies do have the nasty habit of using fighter jets. Enjoy!

Black Cross had both Condors and Battras piloted by the Zolders.

Crime used the Devil Shark Fighters piloted by the Crimers.

Egos used the Egos fighters piloted by the Cutmen.

The Vader Clan used the Vader Fighters piloted by the Dastlers.

The Black Magma used the Hell Fighters piloted by the Machinemen.

Deathdark Castle released fighter jets piloted by the Madaramen.  Sorry no picture.

The Jashinka also released fighter jets piloted by the Tail Soldiers.

No picture.  Gear launched fighter jets piloted by Mecha Clones.  Later the same fighter jets served as escape capsules for the Big Three when they piloted the super mechagaigans.

Gozma used the Gozmapods piloted by the Hidrers.

Tube used the Angramon fighters.  Igam has piloted one of these twice in her career.

Volt used some fighter jets of its own.  No picture.

The Hundred Violent Demon tribes also deployed fighter jets.  No picture.

The Zone released the Vulgols piloted by the Batlers.  No picture.

The Baranoia used the Takompas piloted by the Barlo soldiers.

The Gairc used the Barbaric Dohmas to attack piloted by the Ugatz soldiers.

The Zangyack had a couple of their own jet fighters as well.