Is Super Sentai's Direction Taking For the Worse?

Here's just my thoughts on the Super Sentai franchise as of late with the for better or for worse.  Now moving on... and here's those series I thought had turns for the worse to worst...

Well people know I don't hate Go-onger (but I don't love it either) but I felt like Go-onger in its weaker side was too focused on gimmicks, blatant stupidity of characters (to the point Hant sometimes annoys me the same way Patrick Star does in Spongebob Squarepants) and toys and some episodes are "uncalled for".  Like I watch this series so I can get a good laugh at the parody nature of this whole series but Go-onger sometimes feels in a way really cheesy and most of the characters are too stupid and unbalanced like it were a Nicktoons sitcom.  Yet this show is a guilty pleasure for me since I love its blatant silliness but otherwise, the whole way the story is executed in a very stupid manner rather than well-planned comedy then we get serious themes out of nowhere that tend to ruin the otherwise silly nature of the series.

Tensou Sentai Goseiger for me was basically overloaded with mecha.  For me while I started to accept the changing of villain factions and the involvement of Buredoran but I felt this series was bland.  Maybe I'm just suffering from extreme favoritism for Shinkenger that I really tend to have unfair biases towards Goseiger.

Tokumei Sentai Gobusters for me starts off as an exciting concept of a cyber world with a concept similar to Power Rangers RPM minus the doomsday plot.  I was even excited with Yasuko Kobayashi doing this one since I've enjoyed some of her previous works.  But for me, this whole series imo bores me maybe due to the depressing atmosphere or did Naomi Takabe make too many bad ideas here?  I liked Takabe's involvement with Kamen Rider Kiva (which was written by Inoue) and Kamen Rider OOO (which was written by Kobayashi) but here, I just thought she wasn't cut out for it as well as Yasuko Kobayashi.  Also I thought that the whole Enetron stealing plan tends to waste down the series rather than with the standard villain plot of the week to take over the world.  I don't know what others think of this series but I still respect them.

While I was excited that Riku Sanjou was going to write this series since he wrote Kamen Rider W as its head writer (and I LOVE that season) but this is a different case.  Maybe just maybe, dinosuars is getting boring for me or is it the execution?  Regardless I felt like Kyoryuger makes dinosaurs glad that they're already extinct as Shogo B'Stard says in his blog.  I couldn't even get myself hooked to watch it or maybe it's my age.  But still execution-wise and plotwise, things are getting redundant.

I don't know what people think and I'm sure some people will object to my opinions, you're certainly most welcome to say yes or no to what I think.


  1. I hate Kyoryuger because Daigo of the whole perfect man shit. Other thing's are the character of Utsusemimaru or Utchy for short. The character starts out as a badass who has a cold demeanor stone faced and very skilled in fighting. Then all of a sudden he's light hearted he has trouble fighting some monsters. I feel like he's holding back but he really shouldn't if he's got the skill to kill he should do it. He's got great skill that a "God" Torin wanted him to battle and gave him the Kyoryuger powers that he was making that almost killed him and then later on in the series he's turned super lame.

  2. Its the over the top sillyiness factor of Kyouryuuger that turns off a lot of fans. Super Sentai has been so good for certain series (Gekiranger, Gokaiger, Shinkenger) - but we forget that it isn't aimed at us. This season they are trying a more kid friendly approach. At least we can always rely on "there's always next year", for a Sentai series with more maturity.

    I've only watched episodes 1 through 6. Really been hard to get excited for the series - but I'm finally breaking through and watching episodes again. (I initially only watch the first 2 or 3 episodes when it began)

    For overall tone, and direction, of Super Sentai - I'd wager the deciding factor is going to always been toy sales. Do series Sentai series garner better sales? Or silly Sentai series? We can't just look at Go-Busters, moving to Kyouryuuger, as a definitive example (these series have to be planned farther ahead than just a year; before toy sales can inform on direction of themes.

    Basically -- give it time. I think Super Sentai can be both serious and silly. We're just in a silly season right now.

  3. Not mentioning the 1st 2 as we both agree. I would not put Gobusters in the list personally as it was different and unique. But again it lacked more villains as a plot device and with the exception of Beet J. Stag and Jin Masato the Busters lacked any dimensions especially Red. Blue and Yellow had possibilities but Kobayashi wasn't delivering the characters that was not needed.

    Kyoryugers could work if the character had any qualities that attract us fans but the truth is it is a BANDAI toy show. With 10 rangers the show still cant be saved.


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