My Favorite Karma Hits Sentai Villain Events

Well I just have an obsession with villains getting their just desserts.  Hee hee.  Now moving on to death by karma for these villains that didn't die at the hands of the Super Sentai and to those who did:

General Zenobia- Her greediness and manipulative led to her death in Dynaman.  The fact she manipulated people around her including General Kar and Emperor Aton was just one reason to love to hate her.  So pretty much, her death was karmic when Megiddo (as Black Knight) poisoned the mixture to make her get ten tails and her greed got the best of her.

Emperor Megiddo- He was killed by his son Black Knight who he mistreated a lot.

Dr. Man- Although sometimes I feel sorry for him but everything that was happening to him was a result of his bad choices he made in life.  First, the fact he wanted to get rid of his own son was soon leading him towards more bad decisions.  In the finale arc, Dr. Man can be seen regretting his own actions (after his final battle using King Megas).  Fortunately he was able to redeem himself at the last minute.

Ahames- Well she's always been that selfish, annoying bitch who just loves to make the Changemen miserable.  Yup, I just thought that being double-crossed by Bazoo served her right.  I mean who can't forget all her cruel tactics done against everyone EVEN at her own comrades?  She could care less about Shima dead as long as she get her revenge.  Sigh, what a bitch.

Bazoo- The very plot of the Memory Doll coming from the very first planet he destroyed now leading towards his end was really a favorite event of mine.  Ha take that you planet eating planet!

Kiros- Compared to most of the villains, this guy really had it coming and the fact he didn't die at the hands of Takeru but by a result of his own greed makes it even better.  He was greedy, he wants anything and he's probably been molesting girls behind our backs.  His number one obsession was Ial which led him to do his demise.  The fact he nearly killed Haruka and Momoko who double-crossed him during his quest to get jewels to woo Ial was despicable.  He even double-crossed Baraba just so he could get what he wants- Ial.  In the end, his own desire for Ial caused him to get impaled first by a sword (which he removed) then he was pinned down real good with a huge icicle.

Emperor Zeba- This guy has done a lot of utter cruelty towards his own subjects and treats everybody like trash.  The fact that he tried to keep the Igam twins separated or tried to hide his true identity as the second Lethal Dobler followed a lot of karmic backlash at him.  He could have won only if Igam and Ial didn't unite which allowed the Maskmen to defeat him, avenging every last victim in his name.

Much of Volt- Yup what made me not embrace Liveman immediately was because I wanted these guys to die to die at the hands of Livemen but the approach was pretty different.  First you might want to consider Mazenda's death though she died redeemed had karma following her pride.  Maybe we should mention Bias' death where he becomes old and senile as he should be (he regressed his own aging via brain waves) when the ghosts of his dead officers rebelled against him, he died completely unaware of his surroundings.  Served him right though I wish he had a confrontation with the Maskmen.

Chevalier- In the second to the last episode of Fiveman, it is revealed that Vulgyre was simply using this guy's murderous ways to gain the final energy needed for the big bad to become the ultimate enemy.  One must also realize just how sadistic this guy this and his arrogance became his downfall.

Dongoros- He died during the final episode while trying to escape Vulgyre with all his Dolyen bills.  His greed destroyed him.

Vulgyre- The fact that he deceived his own troops under the persona of a woman named "Meadow" which was actually a dead Sidonian woman he wanted.  Just made me think the fact that the very thing that could weaken him are the Sidon flowers are a representation of the fact that the very first thing to sprout life out of which he killed, destroys him.

Tranza- So yeah what goes around, comes around.  Tran decides to grow up to be Tranza to get his revenge on Radiguet, Maria and Gure and bullied them non-stop.  However the tables turn on him when Radiguet who he bullied the most deceived him and Red Hawk.  In the end, the Jetmen fired at him with the Fire Bazooka which caused him to get severely injured.  Radiguet then inflicts more pain at him more than the Jetmen ever could.

Radiguet- I'd dare say that Radiguet's karma led to his downfall in Jetman.  The Jetmen would not be able to defeat him if it wasn't for laser guided karma hitting this guy.  Why do I put him here?  For one, Radiguet's brutality and bloodthirsty nature makes him really one person you'd love to see die as soon as possible.  The fact that he brutally mistreats everyone and who knows what he's done to Maria behind the scenes, well Maria eventually stabbed his back which created a weak spot for the Jetmen to exploit in the finale.  Perhaps becoming a common crook (if that was really ever him) was another karmic attack considering he looks down at everyone but himself.

Bandora- She's always been targeting and hurting children throughout the show.  In the end of Zyuranger, she ended up seeing her son Kai die a second time, which she mourned and loss all her powers allowing Daizyujin to seal her once more with her minions.

Shadam- I guess he is in the lost but this is pretty much a wild mass guess.  So Shadam had deceived everyone from start to end with him creating clay copies or clay bodies (take your pick).  So he most likely created a body for Zydos, created a copy of Gara out of Gara's "other half" as it looked like it since the clay Gara had memories of the original one and Gorma XV since the emperor still had memories, most likely he transferred his soul and the emperor's soul into clay bodies.  Shadam crumbling into clay may either be a punishment by the gods or two, he was a victim of his own deception that he forgot he was no longer using his original body.

Emperor Exhaus- The fact that he bullied his subordinates like trash led to his downfall.  While he nearly had victory against the Carrangers, the fact that Gynamo helped the Carrangers by throwing expired imo-youkan at his mouth proved justice for all his victims.

Gurail- His own sadism and malice backfired at him when Hinelar turned him into a mindless creature which was eventually destroyed by the Mega Voyager.

Grandienne- She is probably the worst parent in Super Sentai history.  The fact that she mistreats her own children for her own convenience proved fatal.  She could have won against the GogoV if the deaths of Zylpheeza and Salamandes (who she previously banished for displeasing her) and previously had Zylpheeza kill Kobolda.  Well the motherfucker was defeated by the GogoV as a result.  But now I must see more GogoV to see how cruel she is!

Ryuya- Well I can understand if he wanted to live BUT why manipulate everybody and even cause Naoto's rather ironic death?!  Really, the fact he used a sneak Zenitto to kill Naoto and the fact he assigned Naoto to become Time Fire to die in his place so he can live is so uncalled for.  Yup, makes me think he's definitely descended from the cold Asami bloodline (which makes his ancestor Tatsuya different from him).  In the end, he died in another way when Ayase accidentally shot him.  He's probably one point I didn't like about Timeranger over Time Force but both are good shows.

Mikoto Nakadai- Though he was later received as a hero by fans because of his last minute redemption, in the series he spent most time as a VILLAIN.  Yup, as Fantasy Leader had described him this guy had is one cruel bastard.  I just thought the fact that he soon reached a dying state was indeed karmic considering how many people he might have killed in the process.

Abrella- The fact that he messed up the lives of many people across the galaxies and him being the reason why the whole Alienizer mess happened in the first place, it was only fitting that after many of the Special Police couldn't destroy him, the Dekarangers of Earth ended his life to avenge all the people he screwed up just for the sake of profit.

Ryuon- After his duel with Satoru, he sought more than ever to stop being human.  His cruelty and vengeance-crazed habits led to his downfall and so has his pride.  When Satoru tried to give him a second chance in life, he chose not to which led to his death in Boukenger.

Long- The fact that he deceived Rio and Mele and later the two he deceived taught the Gekirangers the only technique to seal him off was another favorite of mine.

Juzo- For one, I thought Juzo's own death was a result of his bloody habits.  Okay Takeru Shiba killed him but I thought that the way the duel ended up where an ancestor of his held his foot and the Uramasa was stuck at his foot (ouch) really was his own karma.

Basco- One of the reasons why I love Basco's plot in Gokaiger is because he really gets a well-deserved end at the hands of the one he betrayed- Marvelous.  Basco did so much evil just to get the Greater Power of every team so he can get the Greatest Treasure, it was only fitting he died at the hands of Marvelous.


  1. Jin Matoba's final fate was grand as his vengence took him to the next level in murders. Some of his victims did not deserve go die. He agreed to be Zydos' toy and got the powers when killing his girlfriend. He redeemed but too late as he went in out with a bang. Mikoto did not did it on his free will as the writers kept him as a villain with the Dzamorlya in his soul. I guess Burai also shared that fate with murders he committed during his rampage in his awakening .


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