Role of Women in Super Sentai Teams

One of the reasons why I think Super Sentai has female fans is because of the active role of women.  Now to take a look at them...

Well Super Sentai started introducing female henshin ever since day one in Goranger.  The only one that lacked a female member was Sun Vulcan.  So far, the role of women in Super Sentai has evolved and had some "points in common" with the male ones.

While most Super Sentai teams in the past had only one female, having more than one female concept was added in Bioman.  Bioman introduced the first female yellow ranger who at first was pictured to be the badass type of lady, in fact I thought Jun could beat Shiro in a fair fight plus she had a lot more stunts than the rest.  Mika was the prototype who sadly was written off due to Yuki Yajima's sudden departure.

Sayaka Nagisa was introduced as the first female white ranger.  Later to follow were Kaori in Jetman and Tsurihime in Kakuranger.  She was introduced more for the brains type.

Mai Tsubasa later added the much tougher pink ranger concept.  This was for me a draft that needed some changes for future installments but it's still fun to watch.  Flashman's Lou also belonged to the pink and tough.  Sakura could be ranked in here... I'd love to date her but I'm afraid to. XD

Later some pink rangers were actually put more on the "balance" that is they can fight and have the balance of being girly at the same time, while still being flawed humans.  Just my thought Momoko may have defined the girly tough type which may have been used for Mei, Lin and Mako.

In Liveman, Megumi Misaki was introduced as the first female blue ranger who I think is the best female blue ranger ever.

Ako Hayasaka may have begun to introduce women members as "comic reliefs" though that role was overdone with Natsuki imo.

There were women assistants in Super Sentai who helped the commander do his job, Aya Odagiri took a huge leap from that.  In fact, she became the first Super Sentai female commander followed by Miki Masaki. I thought both women were awesome in their own ways.

In Kakuranger, the introduction of the female leader started with Tsurihime.  It was the first female white leader since I thought most of the men there weren't fit to lead.  Heck, I even think she's got better brains than Sasuke!

Yuuri... well she is the first pink leader (mentally) and she was really tough as nails, maybe that's why Tatsuya was so attracted to her despite being 1,000 years from the future.  I would like to see another pink leader again someday.

Overall women STILL and do play an important part in Tokusatsu.


  1. I'm a little late with this blog, as female member is 1 to 2 only. It is only fair to add that they also attract female viewers as a minority and heart throb crush for young boys. You also forget to add Miu Sutou as the 1st silver female and female Bangai hero.


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