Some Super Sentai Moments That Made Me Cry as a Kid

Time to revisit those moments in Super Sentai that made me sad based on what I've viewed as a child, here they are:

The death of Mika Koizumi- Yup a real tearjerker.  I remembered my mom telling me that Mika's death proved heroes were not invincible and were just humans.  I really felt sad watching that episode.  Tears.  Yep Mika's death as a really sad episode for me especially when I thought of it, I was excited to see how the show was going to write her.  Good thing though Jun Yabuki managed to take her place and continue the job left behind.  Also in Akibaranger, her spirit went with Naoto and Mikoto to fetch the Akibarangers back to the afterlife.

When Princess Ial was tried as a traitor and separated from her lover Takeru/Red Mask.  Everything about that scene was pretty sad.  I really felt bad that her sister Princess Igam was really such a bitch to really mistreat her like that.  I even thought she died when she was frozen until I figured out in later episodes (heck I wasn't listening) that this placed people in suspended animation.

The separation of Takeru and Ial.  Yup it was pretty expected for some that they'll never be together.  Before I wanted them to be together before I came to do the crack pairing of Takeru/Momoko which is purely no basis of chemistry whatsoever.

The defeat of Great Five.  I already cried enough tears with Momoko's determination, it was making me cry some more when I saw the Great Five defeated.  Man the only time I got relieved was when the Galaxy Robo rescued Great Five.

The first episode of Fiveman.  It was hard to see the Fivemen separate from their parents who I assumed were dead for some time.  However it turned out to be they were alive and it delighted me to see them leave for Earth to recover their parents.

Every moment of Ryu and Maria.  Yup those made me cry.  From the time Ryu got separated from Rie to the time Ryu discovers Rie is Maria (I always thought Rie was Maria) and to the time of her death.  Really, Radiguet showed how much of a SOB he really was.


  1. I wasn much a kid but I did cry though. Moments in Zyurangers, Dairanger was tear jerkers.
    In Zyurangers, the moment Geki broke down in tears as he refuse to kill Burai after a brutal fight was touching. This would be repeated again when Burai dies. Just the body language the suit actors playing Tyrano and Dragon ranger was mesmerizing as they transfered weapons and powers. (Saban could not use the scene as it was too sad).
    Finally Geki plays the Zyusoken and weeps for his deceased brother was the final sobbing moment( and again Austin St. John could not give you the quality acting that Yuta Mochizuki has provided).

    And finally Dairangers, the death of Doshi Kaku was a cleanex moment.


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