Super Sentai Villains I Believed Made Kids Hide Under Their Beds

Well I haven't seen all these series completely but I think these villains scared kids of their era:

Black Cross Fuehrer from Goranger- Well I would admit he does have some creepy aura to him.

Fuehrer Taboo from Goggle V- I would say that guy does look creepy.

Doctor Man from Bioman- Well this guy is a cool mad villain but also for me, a nightmare fuel.  I really tend to get scared whenever this guy gets angry and he got even creepier when he remade himself into a completely metallic being.  In Bioman episode 28, I'd say that scene where he revealed he was still alive was pretty freaky.

Queen Ahames from Changeman- Power-hungry, extremely crazy I think there's much about her that makes her a really scary villain.  After all, she made the Changemen's lives more miserable than it already was when she arrived.  You have to consider she's got a pretty frightful personality as well.

Star King Bazoo of Changeman- I'd agree with Shozo Iizuka's voice and that frightening appearance, I guess Bazoo must have scared a lot of kids.

Emperor Zeba from Maskman- Whether or not kids can discern he was really not human isn't an issue, he's a complete monster.  Zeba really loses his temper and if he's angry, it's as if no one can be spared from his cruel wrath of sorts.  What's even freakier is him bleeding ooze in some episodes and the links that show he is not human at all.

Grand Professor Bias from Liveman- I think he is scary since he really represents the terrible professor you'd dread for the rest of your life.

Emperor Ragorn- IMO he's the only really scary villain Turboranger especially when he gets angry.  The fact he is voiced by the late legend Takeshi Watanabe makes it even scarier.

Galactic Beast Vulgyre from Fiveman- Okay he was a last minute revelation but the process of him transforming into a monster was just plain nightmarish.  Yup talk about the inner being of him with his intestines being shown and some gastric juices dropping in.

Radiguet from Jetman- Aside from being insane and a walking time bomb, Radiguet is obviously scary with almost everything he does.  I mean, he is so damn freaking cruel and there's just that aura about him that makes him really scary.

Dai Satan in Zyuranger- Okay I saw MMPR before Zyuranger but I'll admit that the footage was pretty scary, that is Dai Satan's appearing twice in the series as Lokar for MMPR.  For Dai Satan, I would say that he may have gotten kids scared.  In my case, I hid under the blanket when I saw Lokar as a kid.

Gorma XV of Dairanger- I would say this guy is pretty creepy in a way especially with his laughing and well, he feels so ghostly.  But he's pretty senile in some ways which allows Shadam to control him from behind the scenes.  The way he turned into clay was also creepy.

Shadam of Dairanger- I would agree this guy is scarier than any of his comrades.  Why?  Not only is he a cruel sadist, I think this guy might actually be a successful attempt to remake on Radiguet (though I wish he was acted by Daisuke Tachi).  He even got scarier when he became Gorma XVI.

Daimaou of Kakuranger- While Junior for me was a badass, I think his father who didn't care about his death was really scarier.  Sideline, I thought it was a waste to kill Junior so soon!

Gurail of Megaranger- I think this guy is really, really scary.  I mean he is one sadistic snot who I think brought conflict into Megaranger before he was written off.

Javious from Megaranger- The fact he is a talking eye is pretty creepy.

Grandienne from GogoV- Fantasy Leader describes her as pure nightmare fuel.  I guess her Lightspeed Rescue counterpart Bansheera must have carried that same effect too.

Tao Zanto from Hurricanger- He really has that freaking design and vicious cruelty lol.

Dezumoryla from Abaranger- The Evorian god I believe has some rather strong nightmare fuel attached to him.

N-Ma from Magiranger- I guess everything from him from the time he was divided to the time he was completed was freaky.

Doukoku from Shinkenger- I think he's also pretty scary with not only his appearance but that temper of his.

Can you name more?  Comment!