Super Sentai Villains I Think Have Very High Entertainment Value

Here are Super Sentai villains I thought had really high entertainment value namely:

Monster- From Gear's followers, he is basically very, very stupid though Doctor Man admitted he only created him for power.  I thought that even after being reprogrammed, he maintains some comical value though I'll credit he hi-jacked the Bio Turbo with Juuoh's help in the quest for speed.  Almost every episode about him, he is plain stupid.

Doctor Man- Yup I'd agree this guy is pretty entertaining.  Okay he's not really the best mad scientist out there but as a kid, I always thought this guy was not only scary but also he basically overshadows the rest of this empire because he's just freaking entertaining.

Ahames- A truly menacing foe.  While you may have the coolness of Buuba, Giluke or Bazoo but Ahames is one incredibly wicked bitch of a woman.  Yup, she really knows how to make the Changemen miserable and she knows how to carry out really dangerous plans adding entertainment value.

Emperor Zeba- I think this guy is really freaking cool especially with his backstory that slowly unwraps itself quite entertainingly or how cruel he gets that even his own subordinates get afraid of him.  For me, the fact that he really knows how to control the minds of people with fear and dictatorship to hide his secret identity, makes him really entertaining plus he's got a temper along with it.

Anagbas- Well I thought he was pretty comical in some way as Zeba's adviser, something like he also does get comical every time Zeba scares him.

Thief Knight Kiros- I'd say Maskman was already pretty cool, his arrival made it even cooler.  Just think about it, he freaking blew up the Shot Bomber and two, he really would want to get Ial to the point he wants to cause the Maskmen all the pain.  In fact, I find his death pretty entertaining to watch considering karma really hit him hard.

Dr. Kemp- He's probably the best Yutaka Hirose villain ever.  For me, he beats both Tranza, Ley Wanda and Jin in top rank.  From what I think about him, Kemp is really entertaining even just thinking that he voluntarily took the path of evil, betrayed his best friend Yuusuke and much about his plans is pretty entertaining.

Dr. Ashura- What I find entertaining about this guy compared to the other already interesting Volt officers is this, he REALLY pulls some very daring moves and to think that while he is illiterate, he can still pack some real damage.

Zulten- Yup even if he does get annoying but one has to admit, this clown does have a lot of stupid stuff in him he is basically quite entertaining.  Best part?  The fart machine gag!

Count Radiguet- Vyram's count is one insane creature of hyper cruelty who just won't let anybody get in his way.  He is for me the scariest villain in Jetman and two, the biggest &@!!! villain ever in Super Sentai with all his cruelty mingled with his mental breakdown while keeping some cunning as well.  Plus, every part of his insanity links to his lust for power and depravity.

Tran/Tranza- Tran even as a kid, is one evil kid who really had the mind of a sick adult which he really knew how to create really deadly schemes.  When he became the adult and renamed himself Tranza, he basically was a real braggart with some cunning.  Pretty much, he really knew how to shake things up as Tranza and Tran.  Plus the fact he was acted by Yutaka Hirose adds a lot of value.

Witch Bandora- She's pretty comical and really funny.  She has her occasional headaches or her wacky antics plus her Bandora Dance makes you want to dance.  Yup I really prefer Bandora over Rita Repulsa any day when it comes to making me laugh.

Gorma XV- What I find amusing about this guy is how mentally unstable he is.  Sure he can be cruel and creepy but at the same time, he's so senile I can't help but sometimes ridicule the guy!

Shadam- I find this guy pretty entertaining considering he REALLY is that much of a SOB like Radiguet was in Jetman.  So okay while not being played by Daisuke Tachi, he is still a real entertaining villain considering how often he comes up with something overly cruel to fight the Dairangers or how he orchestrated the fall of Gorma XV or the deception of clay.  What was ironic was that he was clay.  Hee hee, I guess his clay body couldn't hold his soul any longer.

Zydos- This Dairanger villain had some cunning and also brute force reliant like Monster was in Bioman, except he really was a bigger, more lethal force to deal with.

Gasha Skull- When he arrived in Kakuranger, this guy is pretty cruel and arrogant.  He really knows how to attack the Kakurangers, engages them in hard battle but too bad for him, he was easily defeated by Kakure Daishogun. =(

Dr. Hinelar- Basically I'd say he is Megarangers' show stealer.  This guy is badass awesome combining the attributes of Dr. Lee Keflen and Dr. Man.

Yabaiba and Tsuetsue- These people were overly comical.  In fact, regardless which Org Highess they served, they were still funny as ever.

Rainian Agent Abrella- I find this guy to be pretty entertaining considering how scheming he is.

Yaiba of the Darkness- From all the Boukenger villains, I think he's the only one who stands out when it comes to entertaining.  I think he may even have crossed the path of moral event horizon more than once while Ryuon has his fair share, but this guy is a master of cunning sadism.  Overall, a monstrous version of Gure in Jetman.

Long- Although Long arrived much later in the series but this guy really knows how to scare an audience!  Yup, I thought this guy really is so scheming and manipulative it even made Gekiranger a more awesome show than it already was!

Chimatsuri Doukoku- Well while I think he may be meant for nightmare fuel but sometimes his anger can be pretty funny that is if it causes the Rokumon Junk to shake.

Basco- While the Zangyacks for me weren't really entertaining (but not bad either) but Basco when he arrived became a real show stealer.  Why?  He really knows how to heckle both the Gokaigers and the Zangyacks alike.  Plus, his backstory with Marvelous and Aka Red makes him more interesting to watch.

Have any more to name?  Please name them! =D