Super Sentai Villains I Was Scared of as a Child

Here are some Super Sentai villains that scared me as a child aside from my confessed being scared of Gorgom while watching Kamen Rider Black:

Doctor Man- He's a cool villain yes and I'll admit this guy got me scared as a kid.  While watching Bioman, seldom I hid under a blanket while my mother would tell me he's not real.  What I find creepy about this guy was not only the actor's makeup but also his temper.  He became creepier to me when his backstory was revealed.

Emperor Zeba- Another villain I was pretty scared of was Emperor Zeba.  Yup this guy is just a lot of nightmare fuel.  While Kiros was a cool character, Zeba was really nightmare fuel for me.  Everything about this guy and every development he gets was plain scary.

Emperor Ragorn- Boy I'd love to say this guy is creepy.  In an earlier episode, I was scared of Dango Bouma's plan to feed Ragorn human beings turned into dumplings which was only in his imagination.  The fact that Ragorn has all those extra arms to punish his minions whenever he's mad makes him even scarier.

Vulgyre- Watching the Fiveman finale as a child was scary.  For one, when Meadow was revealed to be nothing more than an illusion which revealed Vulgyre was a gigantic monster and seeing all those entrails inside the ship, that was real scary.  Even the process where he is undergoing his transformation is plain bizarre.

[G.U.I.S.] Chojin Sentai Jetman 06v2 (DE9E227A).mkv_snapshot_11.25_[2012.12.16_16.11.40]
Radiguet- Yes, the ultimate of my Tokusatu nightmares.  Radiguet was really, really scary with that cold stare and really sadistic personality.  This guy really is no Orcus on the throne, he really GOES OUT there and makes the Jetmen's lives miserable whenever he can and he double crosses people just to get what he wants.  That start of the whole nightmare can be traced back in episode one when he makes his announcement in the sky, starts firing laser beams and the fact he literally shows his power.  Then next, he battles my favorite Jetman, Ryu inside the Apartment Jigen and it gets scarier with him revealing those fangs as he becomes Raguem.  I had a short relief when he had the chance to be good but he tosses it aside, kills everyone and he gets crazier by the moment.  Truly a frightening villain if you ask me!