Comparing the Tragic Romances of Momoko in Maskman and Lin in Dairanger

I did some rewatching of Maskman and Dairanger.  I pretty thought that Momoko was some kind of template for future pink ranger episodes. Now to compare them.

Momoko- In Maskman episode 34, she fell in love with Guron Dobler in human form, where he called himself as Hikaru.  In that episode, Guron Dobler was once tended to by a woman who looked like Momoko who might be her ancestor or not (she looks like she could play as Haruka Suenaga's mom but the two aren't related).  In that episode, Guron Dobler is manipulated by Zeba and the monster falls for Momoko resulting to a rather tragic arc.  Zeba turns back Hikaru into his monster form which forces the Maskmen to destroy him.  This was a Toshiki Inoue written episode.

Lin- In Dairanger episode 33, Lin falls for the Media Magician (who is acted by Kazunori Inaba a.k.a. Red Mask).  I dunno why Mr. Inaba was even in that episode of all actors but it was cool to have him around in an episode similar to that of Momoko's.  The Media Magician disguised himself as a handsome young man acted by Mr. Inaba, who was assigned to use Lin's energy for Gara's really deceptive plan.  When Media Magician was touched by Lin's kindness, he falls of her too which he reveals he is a Gorma.  Gara strikes down the Media Magician and uses his body as a puppet, the Dairangers had no choice but to destroy him.  Note that Naruhisa Arakawa wrote this episode.

Overall both episodes were pretty well written.


  1. Dear Sean,
    As a fellow super sentai fan, I believe you're gonna enjoy the Combo Rangers, a comic book homage to the sentai legacy. Check it out!

    The first graphic novel is a great homage to Changeman! ;)


  2. Both of those monsters are played by Sentai alumnis. The Tube monster was played by Blue Flash Bun and the two actors would reunite in Jetman as the last of the Bird people in the Jet Garuda episode. And the Goma monster is played by Ryusuke Umeza (Kaizo) as it was fitting that a previous actor from a series that had and started the Ki martial art theme would make a appearance.


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