Gai Yuki and Masumi Inou Compared

Now here's another comparison.  Fans like myself assumed that Masumi Inou was an attempted remake on Gai Yuki.  Now for some comparisons.

First, let's check out how the show shows them earlier on.  I would say that Ryu is still better than Satoru as a rival than Satoru is.  I mean, I really freaked out when Satoru was threatening to drop Masumi into the lava if he doesn't return which is nowhere near as honorable as Ryu's challenging Gai Yuki and keeping his word!  I mean, Ryu's honorable behavior is far more admirable to Gai Yuki.  I mean, you DO NOT threaten to drop a rebel ranger down the lava!  Ryu would give Satoru a lecture or two or maybe a spanking machine session for that!  For the beginning, I thought Gai Yuki's attempting to run away and later coming back was more interesting than that whole threat to throw Masumi into the lava thing or two, it's a lot more humane!

Next, it's all about their relationship with their red leaders.  For Gai Yuki, he's got much less reasons to complain about Ryu.  I mean, Ryu DID NOT threaten to drop him into the lava if he doesn't join the Jetman team and he went back at his own free will and two, Ryu DOES NOT put the Jetmen into unnecessary reckless behavior like Satoru does.  For Gai Yuki, he and Ryu had a more tangled relationship considering that they were stuck in a severely complicated love polygon of Gai likes Kaori, Kaori likes Ryu but Ryu is yearning for Rie who he doesn't know is liked by Gure and lusted after by Radiguet.  In Boukenger, it seems to go to who's the better adventurer.  My thoughts, Shou Aikawa could have tried to give Satoru more of Ryu's personality than a reckless Ryu.

Their rivalries.  Gai Yuki had Gure, Masumi had Yaiba.  In terms of plot, I prefer the Masumi vs. Yaiba one considering this- Yaiba REALLY was responsible for messing up Masumi's mind as a kid.  The taint in Masumi was never removed and it continued until he grew up, facing the monster Yaiba which may explain why Masumi is a jerk.  For Gai Yuki and Gure, their rivalry wasn't really personal, they both just met their matches and for Gure, he had more redeemable qualities as a villain compared to Yaiba who's dark and creepy.  For me, Masumi wins in here considering the whole backstory.  Jetman didn't provide a backstory for Gai Yuki to why he became a jerk.


  1. Just out of curiosity if you have seen bioman have you noticed similarities between Gai and Mika Koizumi or am I imaging things?

    great article by the way

    1. Mika was basically a test of a rebel ranger, which sadly went bad when the actress Yuki Yajima made her unprofessional move of just disappearing.

  2. K was just curious I kept seeing similarities in both that's why I asked

  3. They brought back the rouge anti hero and it was totally different thank goodness. Another big difference between Gai and Masumi is age, origin and characteristics.
    Gai is a mystery whereas Masumi is a orphan raised and abused by mercenary and smugglers.
    Also Masumi is so shifty and erratic that he may just turn on you where as Gai is just a Dick with a hissy fit attitude and ego but never not do his part as a hero.

    Overall Masumi is a way better character as he is complex and unpredictable.


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