Genta Umemori and Gai Ikari Compared

Another comparison I might make now is Genta Umemori to Gai Ikari.  While I wouldn't dare call them as "twins" but both of these funny dudes are comical in their own way.  Now for their comparison:

Both Genta and Gai Ikari were surprise members, that is neither the Shinkengers nor the Gokaigers expected a sixth member who's a funny dude.  Both were also initially refused by their red rangers (Takeru Shiba and Marvelous) who kept their henshin devices feeling they weren't worthy but later proved their worth.  Genta had his own genius side and so did Gai Ikari to create certain new stuff.  Ebi Origami was Genta's own creation, Gai Ikari created his own power-up for battle namely the Gold Anchor.

Both of them also had their own animal transforming into humanoid mecha which they piloted into battle. Genta had Ebi Origami and Gai Ikari had Gozyujin.  Both of them were capable of finishing off enlarged monsters as well.


  1. I did write this last summer, they are both separated from birth and they both are hand in hand with their colors. By right those two should have meet!!


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