MMPR's "Friend in Need" Compared to the Shinkenger Arc of Kamen Rider Decade

Let's start with the MMPR/Masked Rider crossover called "A Friend in Need" and Shinkenger's guest arc in Kamen Rider Decade. First, MMPR/Masked Rider crossover happened first and then the idea was ported into Kamen Rider Decade we all know that don't we? For me, both Saban's Masked Rider and Kamen Rider Decade are in the low-tier list when it comes to execution, I mean Saban's Masked Rider could have been better if it had better execution but poor execution caused it to fail. Ironically, Decade despite it having a mess as bad as the other, did well with toys but both shows are really what I'd call I'd rather be neutral about them or worse comes to worst, I will burn them both! I don't like Decade as MUCH as I don't like Saban's Masked Rider and Machineman, they were all horrible!

In Saban's continuity, apparently Saban's (version of) Masked Rider is part of the Power Rangers continuity since Lord Zedd calls Dregon an "old rival of his" and Zordon knowing the Edenoites. The Power Rangers enter into the world of Edenoi to ward off Count Dregon's attack and Dex mistakes them for Count Dregon's forces until they were fired at. As for the Decade/Shinkenger- apparently Kamen Rider and Super Sentai belong to separate continuities, even Super Sentai is widely assumed to be self-contained like most Super Robot series. Unlike MMPR's version, here it was done in Kamen Rider Decade's episodes. The story starts when Decade enters into the world of Shinkenger which was a world without Kamen Riders, to which Diend steals Genta's Ika Origami (which was later returned). The Shinkengers meet the characters of Decade in an entirely different fashion Also the previous was three episodes, Decade only slashed it down into two presumably due to producers' restrictions. Strangely after that, Decade travels into the world of Black RX after Shinkenger. Coincidence?

Involvement of the Pink Rangers in their respective series. I thought that Kimberly was really severely mistreated during the script writing that is getting her sick and forcing her to fight a monster in that condition and she's completely alone, which could kill her! Mako on the other hand isn't sick and not forced to fight alone, she fights with the Shinkengers in both episodes which is a far better treatment or Kimberly done right, we see her join everyone in the crossover. I was pretty amazed at how Kimberly managed to survive fighting with that flu (while missing out the adventure). Meanwhile I'm glad Mako managed to be healthy for the whole crossover.

Villains and how they were dealt with in both crossovers. In MMPR, Lord Zedd mentions to his wife Rita that Dregon was an old rival of his and that he was having problems conquering Earth and they belong to the same continuity. Lord Zedd (and in extension Rita Repulsa) does take advantage of the situation of the rangers being away to send his monster (who however also catches the flu) which could have killed Kimberly though it failed.

The monsters of the week were also handled quite differently. While Repellator was sent to attack a now alone Kimberly (who survives), get a flu and just does typical stuff, not so much with Chinomarako. Chinomarako does the unbelievable by taking DiEnd's card, becoming an evil Kamen Rider himself. The monster is defeated in an epic clash between him and the heroes. Though I'll admit, I wish a giant monster battle took place after that.

How the crossovers concluded. Pretty much, I thought the MMPR/Masked Rider version really had a poor wrap-up. After they manage to help Dex and his friends, Dregon decides to invade Earth next which leads to the events of the failed Masked Rider series by Saban. Back on Earth, Kimberly gets assistance which makes me boggle how on Earth did she survive that long?! In Shinkenger, the team-up of two worlds happen to beat Chinomarako who had become an evil Kamen Rider and had to be destroyed.

The cast of Decade later depart for the world of Black RX, perhaps making a reference to the unofficial crossover. Pretty much, the second crossover managed to wrap things up better though Decade still remains a horrible series for me. But then again, I'd rather watch Saban's Masked Rider and Kamen Rider Decade than endure Kamen Rider the First and Kamen Rider the Next where the heroes were all unbearable douchebags.

Overall, I'd just like to say Decade/Shinkenger was better execution-wise while MMPR/Masked Rider had a good concept but poor execution but the concept can still be done better in the future. Sadly both shows gave way to the birth of the ultimate Tokusatsu disasters much worse than these two- Super Hero Taisen and Super Hero Taisen Z both written by Shoji Yonemura (or as I'd like to joke about it, Patrick Star).


  1. The MMPR version meant well as both a intro and pilot. But it was hard to be fooled as Black RX never encountered Zyurangers as it was Saban's sloppy writing for a series which proved to be very painful.

    Anyway Toei's 1st crossover with Sentai and Rider was magical. As a Decade 2 parter it works.

    Though never saw the Z movie, the 1st Taisen flick was a fight fest hype with no story. That Shoji Yonemura has now proved that he needs a new day job then a writer.

    1. The writers of "A Friend in Need" were Shuki Levy and Shell Danielson.

    2. Whether its Shuki Levy, Shell Danielson, Harold Ramis ,ect. It is under Saban's name and direction and at that time it sucked. I personally think Shuki Levy should not quit his day job and should stick to writing theme songs for DIC which are classic. 80's hits such as Pole Position, Kidd Video, M.A.S.K. and Jayce and the Wheel Warriors. But back to the subject when In Space - Time Force was in production, the writing did get much better!


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