My Hypothetical View of the Evolution of Sentai Mecha Concepts and Toy Sales

Since Super Sentai is basically for children and maybe for mecha enthusiasts, I speculate these events happened for a reason:

Battle Fever J began to introduce the Battle Fever Robo which was transported by the flying fortress Battle Shark. The robot was well-received so thus began the Super Sentai robots.

Denziman had the Daidenzin robot which was the first transforming robot. This trend will make itself with secondary robots.

Combining robots were later introduced. Sun Vulcan started with the oddly designed mecha, in Goggle V it began with a three-piece combining robot (oddly enough, only Goggle Red, Goggle Blue and Goggle Yellow piloted it) and in Maskman, the first five piece combining mecha. I guess this was done to sell more toys.

Flashman introduced the secondary robot, Titanboy which could merge with its trailer to form the Great Titan but that was probably not well-received so the idea was never done again in later shows. But still, the secondary robot was made to generate sales.

During the event of Liveman, the event where the primary and secondary robots would combine was introduced. Live Robo and Live Boxer could combine into the Super Live Boxer. Liveman was also the last show to use a flying fortress. Liveman was also the first show to experiment on animal-based mecha. Perhaps the flying fortress wasn't do so well anymore at the same time, they wanted a new kind of toy.

Turboranger introduced the five piece main robot combining with the secondary robot with the rather awkward Super Turbo Robot. Fortunately later designs were fixed after this experimental robot gattai. Fiveman had Super Five Robo, Jetman had Great Icarus, Zyuranger had Zyutei Daizyujin, Ohranger had Buster Ohranger Robo which I found to be pretty awkward.

Turboranger also introduced the first "Ultrazord" when the Super Turbo Robo would combine with the first base robot, Turbo Builder Robot Mode. Fiveman introduced the Magmabase and in Dekaranger, we have the Dekabase Robo.

There was also the more than one way to combine a robot. In Jetman, the Jet Birds could combine into the Icarus Hawken or the Jet Icarus, in Timeranger we have the Time Jets combining into three different modes which also included the Time Gamma. I guess this was a good occasional gimmick in itself.

Jetman introduced the first artificial intelligence robot or self-operating as a third robot. This was a pretty significant development which was added into later Super Sentai series. Others that were introduced were Tsubamaru from Kakuranger, Tackleboy from Ohranger, Linerboy from Gogo V (which could combine with Victory Robo to form Max Victory Robo), Time Shadow from Timeranger.

The carrier mecha was first introduced in Zyuranger in Titanus which was also a self-operating robot. Daimugen from Dairanger, King Pyramider from Ohranger and Hurricane Mammoth from Hurricanger. Onl King Pyramider wasn't a self-operating robot. Bakuryu Brachiosaurus was a carrier mecah though it didn't form any "Ultrazord". Saidaioh was also used in Gekiranger.

Carranger had the Victory Trailer which was more or less a fortress mecha to transport robots. It had a trailer mode and a robot mode. Ironically, Turboranger was the first series to remove the concept of the transporting mecha for the mecha prior to a battle.

Now for more toy sales I believe. I was thinking not ever since Haim Saban had the rights to Power Rangers, Toei was most likely taking advantage of the U.S. toy market and since Power Rangers is heavily reliant on terms and conditions of Toei's contracts, I think these moves were done so when the Super Sentai version ends, the Power Rangers versions comes out and sells a lot of toys as well. Either way, Toei hits gold.

In Kakuranger, we have the Kakure Daishogun introduced as a secondary combining mecha for the team to use for the entire team. In Ohranger we have the Ohblocker Robo, Carranger had the VRV Robo, Megaranger had the Mega Voyager, Gogo V had the the Grand Liner and Victory Mars, Dekaranger had Dekawing Robo, Magiranger had Magilegend.

Multi-gattai was probably the best trick to make the most toy sales for a new generation of kids and maybe could be abused and overused at the same time. In Gaoranger, the first time I heard it I had some hard time accepting it but it was a pretty good experimental season. Ha ha. But it was cool with the idea of how many finishers are made and how many different combinations are made. Abaranger, Boukenger and Go-onger were also multi-gattai specialists. This was also used in Gokaiger but only in part.

Seldom, Sentai mecha were designed in such a way to appeal to children. Go-onger may have been a Super Sentai I believe really clicked well with the kids.

The cluster-mecha was added which was done in Boukenger, Go-onger (it had the goofiest design ever), Shinkenger and Goseiger.

In Gekiranger, the Geki Touja instead of interchanging its parts most of the time, it combined with the new mecha introduced. The same formula was used in Shinkenger with Shinken-Oh though it also combined with a secondary mecha.

We do also have the problem of having too much mecha. Boukenger I think felt like that Daivoyager wasn't that necessary and so was Shinkenger's Mougyudaioh. Goseiger also had that problem too.


  1. Ever since BFJ the robots was thereset r SFX purposes with fights only. I am not going to deny it but it was getting lame and as good and popular Changeman was their robot fights where dead boring and Changerobo alone is the dullest robot design ever!!!!
    Flashman did spice it up with the secondary Bot and from there it never stops. It worked for both script and t.v. with the teams primary robot damage and unable to fight the monster. And low and behold a secondary robot in the form of a truck and the more popular jet comes to aid. It defiantly started the mass market franchise for both Toei and BANDAI.

    Then Kakuranger started the second set and the overkill was coming forward for marketing.

    Gaoranger started the multi Erector formation but when Abareranger aired the ridiculous multi appendages began.
    It would be interesting to have the mechas turn into a torso, head or maybe a leg. One mecha after an other becomes arms, arms,arms. Kyoryugers is a current series that has the unnessary overkill.

    Gekiranger did it different, three mechas turns to battle armours. The only disappointment in that series is Gekiwolf only turns into a leg. Geki Violet is a Bangai hero, would his robot not turn into a torso to get a unique Robo like Kyoryujin , Kiba Daioh, Gaomuscle. I guess more robots means ratings and sales.


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