"Prince" Igam, the Faulty Tagalog Dub and Her Masquerade Examined

Well here's one thing I might need to say this but some people were probably shocked to learn that Igam was a woman raised as a man.  I might talk about the erroneous Filipino dub of Hikari Sentai Maskman that had actually omitted the whole plot.  That is the Filipino dub always called Igam as Princess Igam, not Prince Igam.  It did shock me as well to learn that Igam was raised to be a man, something I never knew as a child watching Maskman dubbed and I thought she was just a woman who dressed up in such an armor for some weird reason.  I guess some Filipinos were WTFed at the actual Maskman storyline due to the fact they knew Igam to be a woman beforehand due to the dubs.  After seeing some facts in life, I thought this might help clarify some things to why the audience knew she was a woman but not the Maskmen nor most of Tube.  Some people knew she was a woman though it was a heavily guarded secret that was until her helmet flew off after Akira was freed from mind control.

Moving on... now for some straight facts: there are some incidents in real life history of men having dressed up like women and women dressed up as men to fool the enemy which has usually succeeded in some point. If you look at the picture above of Vicki Zhao as the legendary heroine Mulan (who was a myth based on a real woman hero), I'm using this to stress the supposed surrealism in Maskman about Igam's masquerade. Maybe those who were WTFed by Igam's role as a woman raised to be man, need to realize some men have a feminine beauty and vice versa which maybe you can see above, the picture of Mulan might make some think she's a he or to Igam, that was probably what was going on.  Some men may even have a naturally lower voice.  Sometimes a woman's voice may not be easily distinguished from that of a man's and not all men have the Adam's apple being obvious and I am a guy who doesn't have a visible one!

Also Igam's armor does hide her body shape like Mulan's armor hid her body shape.  One might need to read of some historical incidents to understand this masquerade of Igam.  For one, one may need to actually stare closer at her to realize she is really a woman.  Other than that, there are high heels for men too.  For high heels, I was amazed to read that high heels were first known to men than women.  So again, this makes me understand some things now why everybody except a few knew Igam was a woman, though I am startled to how Ial never knew Igam was a woman, then again maybe it was also hidden from her which does make sense since the Tube had aesthetics more similar to ancient kingdoms than modern day setting.  So maybe, you get the point of why the Igam story may actually make some sense now.


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