Ryo Asuka and Gai Yuki Compared

Pretty much, I remembered the post by Shogo B'Stard that compared Toshiki Inoue's writing of Maskman episode 39 and that of Jetman episode two.  So we have two characters who are pretty similar yet different...

We have Ryou Asuka (left) and Gai Yuki (right) who both walked into the bar.  As a kid, I have noticed this but after taking a break from Tokusatsu because I was more into Chinese shows later, I forgot to see these similarities.  Now let's take a look at the differences of the characters- Ryo Asuka was a prototype Maskman so he's not an official one, he was meant to be another template for the sixth ranger concept and was only meant for one episode.  Meanwhile, Gai Yuki was chosen by destiny (that was when the birdonic waves hit him after Skybase exploded) where he was really needed, unlike Ryo Asuka who was just meant to be a guest character.  Personality-wise, Ryo Asuka left the team because he couldn't forget his late girlfriend who was killed by Tube while on the other hand, Gai Yuki was a womanizer.

The interesting fact was this- after the red rangers of Maskman and Jetman (Takeru and Ryu) in a bike race with different outcomes.  In Maskman, Takeru wins the race and when Tube attacks, Ryo Asuka makes the exit but later returns because he can't get the words out of his head.  In Jetman, Ryu forfeits the race and Gai Yuki tries to leave, only to discover he can't outrun his destiny.  With that in mind, Gai Yuki returns (and also uses his motorcycle) to help Ryu.  Of course, Gai Yuki despite his jerky behavior was a really nice guy who despite acting selfish, had a generous side.

Then both red rangers say, "I knew you'd come back."  But as the experimental X-1 Mask leaves, Gai Yuki is really needed for the Jetman team to be united as a five man team.  Gai Yuki of course is the rebel that stays the whole season until its conclusion and dies at the end of it.


  1. Ryo Asuka is more of a tortured soul then Gai Yuki, as Ryou lost his girlfriend permanently where his already impulsive and rebellious nature did not allow him to stay in the Maskman project. Sugata almost abandoned the project because Ryou's disastrous outcome. Then again the word X-1 means 1st Experiment and a failure it was.

    Gai Yuki is a mystery as they never gave him a back story as why he is a walking asshole? But his motivation to stay was Kaori, ego and the love/hate relationship he has with Ryu very similar to Vegeta and Son Goku.

    Now the comparison of Takeru and Ryu. That is a big difference.
    Ryu is too easy going and had self doubts. Takeru has some extreme pint up anger and still can lead his team under all that pressure.
    That's what makes Takeru a way better leader!!!


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