Some New Things I'd Like to See in Future Super Sentai

Here are some things I'd like to be in Super Sentai in the future, some of them are also original ideas from Power Rangers.  Here they are:

A mutant/human war conflict.  One of the reasons why I like PR Time Force has to be this- the mutant/human war concept.  We do know a lot of Tokusatsu villains are either survival of the fittest types or most of them tend to be the racist type, I guess what if villains were also victims of racism?  Ransik's interesting backstory in Time Force could be used in a future Sentai installment.  Now only what motif for Sentai will this work on?  Ransik's hatred for humans was a pretty good plot actually.

Something similar to Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.  Well I had my thoughts on the Lost Galaxy concept was interesting even if the rumor in Japan was at best, a fake.  But still, what if Sentai can take it to that direction? That would be interesting if you ask me.  Now where do we start?

Now I wonder what's yours?


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