Some Sentai Villain Plots To Turn People Into Monstrous Beings

Well here are some Super Sentai villain plots I can remember to turn people into well... monsters!  This was pretty much despicable for me!  But then again, that's what makes Super Sentai villains entertaining!

Turning humans into Anglers.  In Maskman episode 13, I would give credit to the fact that this plan was quite good in turning humans into monsters.  After all, it would be a very hard thing for humans to fire against their loved ones.  I thought that Fumin's disguise as Marina was effective, though she could have also sold some autographed items to spread it faster.

Turning human into "protists"... not really.  This was in Maskman episode 24 which for me was a very dramatic episode.  Man I felt sorry for that kid turned into a monster but fortunately, he got to keep his humanity and some rare stone he had, restored him to normal.  I'd say this had some nightmare fuel.  Igam's plan to do it to the dam was good except it was foiled by the Maskmen.

Turning babies into eggs- Fiveman had this one particular very stupid episode.  For starters, it does make a good plan to turn babies into monsters but Dongoros' methodology is purely stupid.  Why?  I mean, one why not just mutate the babies immediately?  Turning them into eggs and letting some Battlers caress them with care so they "hatch" is VERY stupid.

Turning humans into Bibis.  In Goseiger episode five, this was some kind of new method using virus transmission.  Hmmm I wonder why the others didn't think of this method before?

Can you name more?  COMMENT! XD


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