Super Sentai Villain Midseason Upgrades

Seldom in Tokusatsu or does it happen a lot, villains do sometimes decide to reorganize their organizations or upgrade their equipment because the heroes do get upgrades.  Now for the kinds of upgrades that I can remember... please do feel free to tell me what I'm missing.

Change of monster of the week composition.  Deathdark used Neometal to create advanced Mozoo beasts, the Jashinka also changed the composition of their monsters to stronger metal, Dr. Lee Keflen of Mess later made monsters with the genes of La Deus, Bandora later used Dokeeta clay to make stronger monsters (though the effect was as usual very temporary) and Dr. Hinelar later created Psycho-Nejire monsters with Javious' DNA.

In the case of Gear in Bioman, Doctor Man began upgrading his technology from episodes 31-34 during the power-up arc.  He introduces the Metal Megas after some kind of meteorite passed through Earth.  He also later rebuilds Psygorn, Mettlzer and Juuoh far stronger than they were and also Mason, Farrah and Monster though Farrah Cat remains more or less the same.  The Megas robots were piloted by any of the Big Three members instead of being self-operated.

For Tube, the villains got upgrades in their own way.  Baraba got the Earth Imperial Sword in episode 31 and Igam got the Igam Dragon in episode 33.  Since the monsters weren't created, they just maintained

In Liveman, Bias' officers Mazenda and Kemp were later getting more powerful.

In Fiveman, the Silver Imperial Army Zone introduced the Franken Capsule by Garoa.  Garoa took the Crab Jin monster from Chevalier and merged it with his Ant Jin which turned into a half-something combination- LITERALLY!  Though Garoa did bungle this up when he combined Gorilla Gin and Eagle Gin back to back creating a rather stupid monster.  For me, this was pretty stupid in design but the concept of combining species on animal-based monsters is a good idea.

In Jetman after the defeat of Semimaru in episode 24, Maria discovered a way to combine animal cells into the dimensional bugs creating the Bio Dimensional bugs though most of the Vyram still engaged in half-brained schemes.  As for everything else, they did add a little more conflict forcing the Jetmen to build Tetra Boy as a third robot.  I thought they were cool and resembled the Destron monsters of Kamen Rider V3 and those from Dynaman.

In Boukenger, we have the Gordom Engine which Gaja created.  He was pretty stupid to use it on the Ashu to make them into Questers without finding a way to control those two.  The villains had a copy of the Gordom Engine which also Ryuon used and the Questers used them for their robots.  Gaja later upgraded himself as well.

Missed any?  Let me know!


  1. In Changeman, Guiluke got a more powerful form. Turboranger had Yanimaru got upgraded with a red form when united with Kirika(I thought his blue lion mane form was much more intimidating). Gekiranger, Rio and Mele got the Genjuken powers. And my favorite, Enter and Escape had new battle form.


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