The Extremely Complex Love Polygon in Jetman

Jetman had more than just a love triangle, for a fact it is a rollercoaster.  The whole show has these sets of attractions that happened.

First there is Ryu and Rie.  Yup, this was the sad part.  Ryu was so in love with Rie only to lose her one day, I even thought she had died that was until Maria showed up.  I assumed Maria was Rie, which for me was really a wild guess that was proven right.  Everything about this, Ryu was adored by Kaori but he could not move on.  Worse in that side, Ryu was actually not aware that Rie became Maria that was until one day, he nearly had her back only for Radiguet to turn Rie into Maria again.  He saw Maria become a vampire monster, he tried to bring her back and despite all his efforts he lost her.  Poor Ryu!

We have the Gai Yuki likes Kaori point of conflict.  Let's face it- Kaori likes Ryu but Ryu can't move on from Rie and then we have Gai Yuki liking Kaori.  Messy?  This one leads into much trouble since Gai Yuki who was a flirt ended up getting serious with Kaori.  For Kaori, she likes Ryu and of course, a girl like her can't easily accept Gai Yuki because he's a reputable flirt.  Now for one part of the show, the two entered into a relationship which I grew to accept but the two didn't work out so well.  In fact, there were foreshadowing events of Ryu ending up with Kaori (like Gai Yuki teasing them of being like a couple).  Just my thoughts, at one point I wanted them to be together so Ryu can have Rie, but oh crap!  Why did everything have to go so bad?  Eventually, Gai Yuki left us so soon at the series epilogue. =(

Now for the really creepy part.  Why on Earth does Radiguet say to Maria, "Your destiny is with me?"  For me, everything about Radiguet liking her is wrong, just wrong!  I mean, he thinks humans are foolish yet why has he obsessed himself over Maria?  Pretty much, Radiguet selfishly wants Maria and will do anything to have her but then again, come on there are other girls he could want like he could even try to seduce Aya or any girl he'd like.  Then again, this was pretty unexplained if he had some secret guilty pleasure we don't know about.  In the end, it ended up with, "If I can't have you, nobody will..." which he killed Maria realizing he can't have her anymore. What a creep.  I just thought it's good he's gone otherwise he'll probably start messing up with more girls.

Also there is the Gure/Maria attraction.  Gure despite being a robot likes Maria.  Talk about Vision (a robot) and Scarlet Witch (an x-gene human) from Marvel Comics!  Even if he's a villain, he's a noble one who fights fair and two, he really had a genuine like for Maria he was willing to let her go.  For this, Gure was something when he saw Maria becoming a robot.  His love for Maria was so great, he cried seeing her die in his arms.  In the end, he chose to fight Gai Yuki to the death so he can die a warrior's death he always wanted.

Just my thought, me and my love for love polygons!


  1. I think even Raita likes/adores Kaori though he is sure he can never have her. Then there is Satsuki - Raita angle. This is more than a polygon!


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