The Rivalry of Garoa and Chevalier Examined

If there was any rivalry in Fiveman that really was bordered with silly, it was that of Garoa and Chevalier. So pretty much, Chevalier may be badass fighting but most of the time, he was bordered around the silly and now let's examine their rivalry.  Chevalier first arrived with a singing chorus of the Ginga Sentai Gingaman where he showed but a goofy number and a goofy episode.  So this begins the rivalry of Garoa and Chevalier since the former could soon lose his position to the latter.

Garoa despite being mostly half-brained with his schemes developed the Franken Capsule which fused two types of monsters together into one, which at first had a good effect but it just became too silly after that.  In fact, Garoa's demotion happened after his rather stupid Gorilla/Eagle Jin monster (which was a back to back fusion creating disagreement problems), Chevalier got promoted.  But Chevalier's first action as captain was just stupid- canned humans?  Body switching?  Those are typical stupid villain schemes in Super Sentai!
For a few of Chevalier's shining moments are when he supposedly killed Five Red but he was stupid to believe Kasumi surrendered, which ruined his victory but that was before he became captain.  But after he became captain, he ends up doing more stupid schemes.  If any other plan of Chevalier was really stupid was taking over that school, come on how's that supposed to work?

Now for Garoa- I would admit he has executed pretty half-brained schemes and he suffered villain decay midway, however I'll probably credit Garoa's rare moment of brilliance.  In the near finale, Garoa powered up a Gorlin with the energy within Vulgyre and created the Big Garoan which he destroyed the Super Five Robo.  Chevalier was just back to making trophies out of the Fivemen but that failed too (a plot that Tranza had in Jetman as well).    The rivalry was wrapped up rather hurriedly when the two were competing to kill the Fivemen, to which that fight resulted to Chevalier's death at the hands of Five Red in the end of that episode.

Overall, this rivalry was mostly a rivalry of half-brained stupidity.


  1. The Zone minions that should have conflict should be Billion and Chevalier. Those 2 are both arrogant and proud. Garao reminds me a cross of General Hedrah and Baraba but the two has plans that works!!!
    Chevalier came off similar to Thief Knight Kilo with a smug yet arrogant attitude. The feud meant well if Garao was a better written villain.

    BTW- the symmetrical monsters created is a homage to Denziman.


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