Toshiki Inoue x Akibaranger: Why I Think That Would Be a Bad Mix!

Toshiki Inoue the man responsible behind Chojin Sentai Jetman and Kamen Rider Agito also was responsible for the burned out works like Kamen Rider Faiz which is his most serious work (but also my least favorite) then he started dabbling with comedy.  For his comedy, things can be so-so but let's see how that might affect Akibaranger.  Watching his comedic works, here's what really might not work with Akibaranger if he were writing it either has a head writer or an episode writer...

How bad can Toshiki Inoue's comedy get?  Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Kamen Rider Kiva for it being cartoony but other than that, Inoue can sometimes get annoying with his humor in my own watch.  In fact, that whole Takoyaki vs. Taiyaki battle in Kamen Rider Blade (he was a sub-writer) was relying on blatant stupidity than well-timed comedy.  Another I might mention is that Kiva's weaker points in its humor was why in the world is Nago switching between being Gai Yuki 2.0., Hikawa 2.0 and Masato 2.0 a LOT?!  I mean, I had a like/dislike/hate outlook on Nago because of that!!!!  In Gokaiger, I freaking got mixed emotions in his guest writer episode (episode 28)- well while it was nice of him to confirm Gai Yuki's rather pathetic death but treating Gai Ikari like a clown can go from ridiculous to plain cruel for the character... at the same time makes it nonsense since Gai Ikari was able to interact with other ghosts, so why not Gai Yuki? Also in Kiva, sometimes Inoue just inserts obvious cartoony moments like as if it were a Nicktoons.  Pretty much, it just may never work with Akibaranger!


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