What Power Rangers Fans Who are New to Super Sentai Should Not Assume

Well I'm glad for Power Rangers fans who are giving the parent show a chance and vice versa.  Now for some assumptions...

Some may assume early on (before seeing the show) that the rangers, allies, civilians and villains in the parent source are exactly alike with the child that is Power Rangers.  You might want to consider for example that Bandora is quite different from Rita Repulsa and that Power Rangers had its own set of original, U.S. made villains like Lord Zedd (though he was originally in Zyu2 as well), Trakeena in Lost Galaxy, Astronema in Power Rangers in Space, Ransik in Power Rangers Time Force, Master Org in Power Rangers Wild Force and Dino Thunder's villains were different from Abaranger.  Yup there's some differences to check out between the parent show and its child.  In fact some villains are just more cruel in Super Sentai though in Power Rangers there have been a few exceptions like Venjix in RPM and Ransik in Time Force (he can beat even Dolnero's ass).

There is a timeline in Super Sentai similar to that in Power Rangers.  Again take this advice from Fantasy Leader from my post about the Sentai timeline, "Toei said it themselves, that every sentai season are their own continuity, and that the team ups are considered non-canon.  However, after reading this post, now I'm starting to question, "Does Toei actually know this themselves?"  Ugh. My head hurts. I didn't know this was such a big matter of debate among fans."  Maybe some of them the Sentai newbies saw Gokaiger or any of the VS. Series.  But as said there is the VS. Continuity (which worked itself into Gokaiger) while Toei said it themselves every Sentai season is its own continuity.  In fact, a lot of events from one series to another is a contradiction like how the dinosaurs died (Zyuranger, Abaranger, Boukenger, Go-onger, Kyoryuger) or even the VS Series has the contradiction like Ohranger vs. Kakuranger had a lot of events inconsistent with both series.  Also please notice while in Power Rangers, the crossovers happen within the show, in Super Sentai it's an after-show special.

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  1. I speak for every follower in this Blog. We do not need to bother with Saban's version as the original from Toei remains undisputed!!! If any new or old fans are curious they can feel to check out the Saban /Disney version. The only series I can praise is In Space-Timeforce. Because for once there is a plot and the actors are not stiff.
    It is true that Super Sentai does not have any continuity. Ex. If Oh Ranger is set in 1999 wouldn't they run into Go Go V?
    We can assume why.


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