Why I Think Gai Yuki and Naoto Takizawa Were Written Off Pretty Badly

Well here are the two Sentai warrior deaths I thought were pretty lame:

First it would be Gai Yuki.  Maybe I've gotten used to heroes dying in battle.  But for Gai Yuki?  I thought that Inoue's finales are usually a bad mix as Shougo calls them.  So we have Ryu surviving the explosion of the Jet Garuda and three years later, he marries Kaori (which was foreshadowed in a way).  So we have Gai Yuki buying flowers for his friend, he wants to congratulate them and just then a thug (who is believed by some to be Radiguet with amnesia and a human being) steals a woman's purse, he beats the robber up and then that thug stabs him and well, he does hang out before he died.  He tries to make his way to the wedding, he is sitting at a bench and his teammates DO NOT even notice he is dying.  Sheesh, that kind of incident made me want to argue he didn't die because of how lame it was.  Killing him is not a problem, they could have killed him in the final battle and then, maybe we can get a better explanation for Ryu and Kaori being together.  That is Kaori was helping Ryu get over Rie's loss and then Ryu was helping Kaori get over Gai's loss.  But that stabbing?  Oh boy, looks really dull if you ask me.

The other is Naoto Takizawa.  At first, I thought this was written by Toshiki Inoue but it was by Yasuko Kobayashi with whom he had partnered with in team writing.  So Naoto was trying to rescue some birds and them blam a Zenitto shoots him at a distance.  I can understand Zenittos can kill regular humans and those Timerangers out of suit but, come on this was a very bad way to write him off imo.  I thought that this is one point down for Timeranger with Time Force- at least Eric Meyers got shot (and I heard he was supposed to die but things were changed at the last minute) in trying to protect Wes and his father but no, not Naoto.  He was shot while trying to recover some birds for a girl which I think is a downside of Timeranger over Time Force in some areas of comparison.

Pretty much, it takes good development to wrap things up.


  1. Yes, your right that Naoto had a weak death scene it's just as bad as Captain Kirk's.
    Gai Yuki is a surprise and a shock which I thought it worked. He went out like Roy Fokker of Macross.


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