Dai Satan's Role in Zyuranger

Dai Satan is the ultimate evil of the Zyuranger continuity.  Now let us analyze his role rather than just some weird floating head or okubi that we know as Lokar in MMPR.

In the Zyuranger universe, Bandora is actually the big bad under the bigger bad that is Dai Satan.  It's not known immediately how she came under Dai Satan's servitude.  However what I find creepy is that Bandora was using some ritual to bring him back with some bizarre ritual.  To do, thirteen children were caught and being used to power him up.  Fortunately Noboru Sugimara didn't kill the children otherwise Zyuranger might even not pass the ratings for Super Sentai!

The Ultimate Daizyujin was first formed to defeat Dai Satan.  Dai Satan was sent running away for now but he would return in the finale.

What was revealed later towards the finale arc of Zyuranger was that Bandora was once a queen who had a son named Kai (no it's not Thrax but Kai) and we don't know who the father is.  Kai was one day caught breaking open T-Rex eggs and the parent dinosaur like every good parent chased him away until he fell down a cliff.  Bandora made a Faustian pact with Dai Satan for revenge which in the modern day caused her to forget about Kai and she is given her magical powers.  However Kai was revived as supposedly Dai Satan's son.  During his supposed reign, Dai Satan ended up poisoning the water of the Earth and releasing a plague in the process.  In the finale, Dai Satan is supposedly destroyed as he blows up when Daizyujin finally uses the Grand Vanisher on him and Dora Talos, destroying them both.


  1. The Dai Satan was not just a plot device but origin and the end of a series!
    It was too predictable that he can be finished off so easily. He wasn't just some malevolent entity but a lifeform .

  2. O cara era o diabo literalmente,Barza falou que ele era o rei do inferno.


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