Just Some Confusion Over the Name "Power Rangers" I Encountered Decades Ago

I guess another popular misconception by younger fans of Tokusatsu is the name "Power Rangers".  Let's just face it, there is also the logo that says "Saban's Power Rangers" to which can cause confusion except without doing any proper research.  Here's some misconceptions I had encountered a decade and a few years ago during my years as a teenage delinquent!

The first was that if these people are ignorant about the term "Super Sentai", they might think Saban is guilty of copyright infringement because they think that Power Rangers came from Japan.  The idea is from Japan, the footage is from Japan but it was born as the child of Saban's company and Toei!  That is, the term "Super Sentai" tends to get overshadowed to the point that even if they do learn that Super Sentai came first, they might call it, "The original Power Rangers" or that "Saban should be sued for stealing the name Power Rangers from Toei."  But I think this is mostly a problem for kids who don't know much.

The second assumption I ran into can be weird.  Well or they might say, "Well Toei is allowing Saban to use the term Saban's on the logo to specify it's his version because the term 'Saban's version of Power Rangers' is too long." so Toei allowed it. That is, they respect the fact of copyright but think that Toei was allowing Saban to use the name and the footage, without being aware of the term "Super Sentai".  Power Rangers is a registered trade name for Saban with Toei's permission, if Super Sentai started out as "Power Rangers" then let Saban use the name, I think that will really cause way more confusion than for us to have both terms!

So I'm now glad that both franchises exist with two different trade names!


  1. I guess it doesn't help that some Sentai have been shown in Korea under the Power Rangers name (at least from what I heard)

  2. Let's face it, Saban only have access to only 20 well 19 series.
    While Toei has pretty much 37 with a 38th in development. Super Sentai alone wraps up all 37 show and they all have individual titles. While Power Rangers need another title behind it to describe what series specifically.


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