Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger: Overrated or Underrated?

Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger is one series I am pretty iffy whether or not it's overrated or underrated among fans of Super Sentai with many of them who also like Power Rangers. It was the series that Haim Saban legally franchised from Toei to produce the monster hit that was none other than Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

Zyuranger as Overrated:

Maybe for open-minded Power Rangers fans who watch Super Sentai, they actually do overrate it. My reasons are they may only thank the Super Sentai series that gave birth to their favorite franchises that is from Zyuranger and well up to Gokaiger since we are yet to see Gobusters and Kyoryuger getting adapted. Maybe it's because of Zyuranger they don't want to check out other great Super Sentai series so they're practically missing a good portion of the real deals or maybe some of them do check out the pre-Zyuranger series but can't help but like Zyuranger too much.

I don't know but it seems to be Burai is made to be the reason as to "Why Zyuranger does not suck." Really I think that's pretty biased actually. I'd admit Burai is MY favorite Zyuranger, deal with it but before that, I was a Tommy fan but the former is really for me cooler than the latter. I guess despite the fact Burai died, those who overrate Zyuranger might also have used the Burai being better than Tommy argument.

Zyuranger having a definite conclusion which MMPR didn't. This could be a big point of Zyuranger towards MMPR to those who overrate it. In fact, I read somewhere MMPR was supposed to have a definite conclusion with Rita Repulsa being sealed again with her minions.

Zyuranger as Underrated:

I guess whenever most people see the picture I placed on top, they think of these guys instead of the Zyuranger cast. Poor, poor Zyuranger. In my case, I think of both shows at the same time.

On the other hand, you might consider that Tommy is very overrated to the point my fandom for him shrank to the point I wish he'd never return except to guest star! While Tommy only lost his powers and then had them back, Burai really died in Zyuranger which is sad. Tommy returned to do more than Burai who sadly bit the dust.

Any more you can name? Please add!


  1. Zyurangers is Overrated in the U.S. as it made history in the U.S. as it started the hype and Sentai Crazhecs it is always talked about as it is the originator of a trend.
    It worked during 1993 as Jurassic park and Barnie the Purple Dinosaur was popular that year
    Zyurangers is Underrated as of Japan.
    Most Sentai Fans especially Japanese has stated that after Jetman, Zyurangers was played for children's and juvenile. And its looked as a "import" for Americans only.

    Regarding to Jason Frank, he is equally as good as Shiro Izumi as Frank is a better if not more charismatic and versatile thespian then the primary 5 actors.
    ( things got petty with Austin St. John as he was threatened by Franks popularity with children and women!!!)

    He got to expand his legacy in future PR series!!!

    Overall Zyurangers is the best of both worlds,!!!


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