My Confession of Super Sentai Hangovers, Tokusatsu Breaks and Sentai Snob Moments

Like it or not, I do tend to suffer from Super Sentai hangovers which can turn me into a Super Sentai snob of sorts. While right now I'll admit my Toku vibe now isn't as strong as it used to (then it might return like it used to). I felt like I wanted to write this similar to Shougo B'Stard's confession of a Super Sentai snob.

I could really admit this... I really started thinking like 80s-90s Super Sentai (or even Tokusatsu in general) are always the best and even today, in terms of storyline I think the older Super Sentai back then does it much better. As a kid, I watched Kamen Rider Black, Kamen Rider Black RX, Shaider and Gavan but Super Sentai was my top favorite Tokusatsu. In fact, from my first Super Sentai that was Chodenshi Bioman to my favorite that is Chojin Sentai Jetman, I did have some hangovers. I'll admit my childhood Super Sentai were Bioman, Maskman, Turboranger, Fiveman and Jetman. Jetman was the last Sentai series I'd see under awful dubs that I wish I never saw them. Many times, the dubbers hardly pay attention to facts! I suggest everybody who is a Super Sentai fan should forget about those dubs for their own good! Oh if you're also a fan of Power Rangers, you are better off also dismissing the dubs too!

So okay there came the MMPR days that happened. So yeah, I was kinda screwed up about this one and two, I still liked Super Sentai more because of my Asian origins so feel free to say it's my cultural biases. At first, I thought MMPR was an original production by Saban until later, I did research and learned of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger then I started with my Sentai snobbery. In between that, I did remember some rather silly and weird moments in my life with my crush on Kimberly Hart back then that was, I wanted a girl who looks like her and as of current, still want one and I called her as my "ideal waifu" or "my Power Rangers waifu" which is stupid, stupid and VERY stupid. It was a hangover to the point I stopped watching Power Rangers when she left. Ha, stupid huh? In fact, let's just say I also took a break from Power Rangers after some time and one of the silly reasons was because of a lack of pretty girls. Also, I would like to confess I used to think Power Rangers was fake until I did some research about it. So good I'm out of the bigotry zone. To be honest, I don't hate Power Rangers like I don't hate Go-onger but I don't love it either, I like Power Rangers and I will check out any season when I can and try to avoid having unfair biases towards it to reach out to its fans to give them a lecture of another fraction of the real deal but I might actually have a hard time convincing them to check out Kamen Rider. I guess Power Rangers fans may have hated Saban's version of Mashed Rider so it'll be harder for me to get them to give Kamen Rider a chance!

And I'll also confess that once I've seen some Super Sentai series, I tend to develop an instant dislike towards Power Rangers because I find Super Sentai humor, drama, music and plot to be better most of the time. Like after seeing Zyuranger raw or subbed, it's hard for me to rewatch MMPR. Though I'll admit Lost Galaxy, Time Force, Wild Force and Ninja Storm (I had a crush on Tori Hanson here but Nanami Nono is still hotter) I can still freely rewatch them without the hangovers. But a majority of it, nah I really end up not rewatching them especially the Kalish seasons in general (though writing a hate fic was uncalled for) or you could consider Power Rangers Samurai was also a season that really doesn't stand out.

Later I felt that later Tokusatsu series in general were "too cheesy". I started disliking seeing more mecha than usual so I said, "Okay I understand, it's for kids so I'm probably going to stop watching Super Sentai." type of saying but I was wrong, plain wrong. During that time, I was also getting to the point that while I didn't hate Kamen Rider, I had some self-bias that I wasn't going to watch Kamen Rider again then I was wrong, I rewatched Kamen Rider with Kuuga and ended up liking it though my first Heisi Rider was Den-O. But at the same time, I even took a break from Super Sentai because I was already getting too engrossed with Chinese cinema and action series. You could probably say it was me tracing back to my Cantonese and Hokkien roots or maybe not. Then again, I'm not that friendly to change but it all depends. I'll admit that I nearly dropped Maskman off as a kid because of Galaxy Robo's presence, in fact I didn't like that robot when it first arrived. Others I started to complain to myself about Super Sentai was the later repetition of certain themes like siblings (Gogo V and Magiranger), the automobiles concept (Carranger) and yet hypocritically I supported Dairanger even if it recycled the motif of martial arts. I guess it's an on/off thing. Besides, I even think of the fact that maybe because I like giant robots a lot, I tend to ignore Kamen Rider at times due to not having giant robots. Those are really shallow reasons if you ask me.

Though later I would have stupid reasons for watching Super Sentai as well. That was, time came when I really decided to watch Tokusatsu just to stare at girls like I did in my childhood days. I would be lying not to admit that at all! However I'll just admit that even with that in mind, I was thinking of the 80s-90s Sentai are better than most 2000s Sentai. Well Naruhisa Arakawa may be a good writer but I thought that maybe I'm having too much of the Hirohisa Soda hangover, because I really still love the latter's writing!

I'll just admit that Dekaranger was my first 2000s Sentai to really check out but my first reason back then was because of Jasmine. Hee hee, I'm just glad I didn't plunge into that stupid fanboy depression thing when the actress Ayumi Kinoshita got married unlike some friend of mine who I thought killed himself over that incident then months later, started hitting on my relative who looks like her. I would admit that this silly side of mine is nothing new, I mean I watched Bioman for Hikaru (knew her as Kimberly back then), Maskman for Momoko and Turboranger for Haruna. In Jetman, I might confess I had a crush on Aya-Chokan herself though Ako was one girl that I think is my ideal girl to have. Other stupid reasons I have to actually watch Super Sentai are for downright silly moments that's more LMAO than most of the humor found in Power Rangers or two, as I said because of the girls like I stuck through Shinkenger even its rather drag mid-season was because of Mako. =P

Now there's also my classic hangovers after the 90s. Maybe my first hangover after my hangover recovery (that is my second hangover) might be with Boukenger. Hee hee, I really overrated Boukenger a lot to the point I wrote a really horrible story where the Operation Overdrive Rangers were sent to their deaths by Ichijou which was very ill-received because it was just not right. In fact, I just didn't immediately realize how Gekiranger stands out. Maybe I was too in love with the adventure theme ignoring the numerous flaws Boukenger had like Satoru's being too much of a risk taker, Natsuki's senseless stupidity and how she keeps surviving and other stuff. My second hangover was with Shinkenger to the point it made me have some unfair dislike for Goseiger and three, Gokaiger which made me have some ill feelings towards Gobusters (because of the Gokaiger hangover) and then Kyoryuger. Maybe it had to do with writing (Yasuko Kobayashi's burned out for me as Toshiki Inoue is now...), production, whatever... I can't really call myself a die hard Super Sentai fan (Right now my Toku vibes are dying again as I'm now hungering for more Kung Fu cinema from Hong Kong) either though I wrote this blog because Super Sentai is my number one favorite Tokusatsu or I have some stupid reasons.


  1. Being a fan of fiction in general, whether it's Tokusatsu, western sci-fi, martial art genre. I still love them all.

    I love them all equally, with no Cable I have a shit load of DVD. I would watch the Six Million Dollar Man or watch a Transformer series( Generation 1 only), Star Trek, Doctor Who or a Sentai series.

    I am not a big Sentai fan at this moment because of weak shows right now but that doesn't change my pleasure for Sentai ever!!!

  2. I will say I'm a Sentai snob and I haven't seen that many sentai yet LOL seriously though, I grew up on power rangers, watched every season up until Dino Thunder. Then Mystic Force came on and I finally decided to see where I can find the original source, cause all power ranger end credits reference the sentai source, so the first sentai I ever saw was Magiranger, I fell in love with sentai from then on.
    I would then watch every season of sentai online where it was available and previous ones as well. Looking back on my time watching power rangers, I'm saddened by the first 3 seasons, mostly the first 2 seasons. Dairanger is my favorite sentai ever, so not seeing their suits used for season 2 upset me cause it was more about toy sales, instead of good story.
    Season 3 was the beginning of the end cause it was a mess!! The ninja powers were cool, but I would've liked to see the Kakuranger suits used, and also remember Kimberly left, so we wouldn't need the pink ranger anymore.
    I say all that because I know growing up with Tokusatsu shows, u tend to be bias, which I can get cause in America some can be bias with power rangers. However, I just appreciate your blog and just Asian cinema in general because of the great stories, action, and actors


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