The Bioman Gear Power Up Arc

So far, here's the Bioman power up arc.  I really thought there were some foreshadowing that Dr. Man was going to sooner or later upgrade his troops.  If Mika's death could somehow foreshadow Silver's arrival, remember in episode 18 of Bioman that Gear presented the first Mecha Giant made of super metal with an exposed weak spot.  The Metalmegas was also like that.  I guess Dr. Man was already figuring out to find stronger alloy and sources of power to power up his troops.  Sadly, Farrah Cat was never upgraded.

The upgrade was introduced in the form of Metal Megas.  The destruction was kind of severe considering that Messerjuu and Aquagaiger were totally dismantled.  Juoh was seen standing before his body parts were separated but still left intact for reassembly.

The power-up arc began in the last episode when Metalmegas was introduced as the new Mecha Giant which was now piloted by a member of the Big Three at the end of the episode.  The Bio Robo learned a new amazing cool technique called the Bio Particle Cut by charging the Super Maser.  In episode 32, Dr. Man's damaged Beastnoid fighters that survived were repaired.  For Psygorn I'd say he had the most badass makeover which made him more powerful than before.  Mason had rockets and a gatling gun which made really powerful and I love the new look.

For Farrah, I think the makeover is pretty funny with her siren breasts but don't let it fool you, she's got that really powerful fire storm attack and her blow kiss.  For Mettlzer, I do find the new stretchy arm cool though I wish he could do so with all the other parts of his body.

For Monster, I pretty thought that this was the conclusion of the arc.  Monster found the parts of Juuoh that were dismantled but they were intact for reassembly.  Remember in episode 31 that Juooh was seen with Psygorn and Mettlzer trying to kill Shiro after Metal Megas blasted at them.  I thought that Monster still retained his idiotic tendencies while being a dangerous brute force.

Pictures taken from HK Mania