Wishful Thinking: Dairanger's Shadam

I was watching Dairanger and well, I would say while Rintaro Nishi did a good job at Shadam but I felt like, it could have been better. In fact, here's who I really wished where acting as Shadam...

Yup that's right Daisuke Tachi from Chojin Sentai Jetman! My reason would be that, Daisuke Tachi has the facial expression looking like he's really going to kill you plus he's got one gruff, scary voice even during his amnesia arc, he still sounds like he's about to kill someone! In fact, I felt like Shadam himself was also another noteworthy bastard and complete monster aside from Radiguet. Like Radiguet, Shadam overthrew his own master for power, betrayed his own comrades for power and doesn't even care about people. Heck, Shadam doesn't even care about his sons Kou and Akomaru and they also clashed with the red rangers! I just thought that Shadam was a great villain but he could have been really nightmare fuel that would even exceed the Gorma Emperor himself!

Also I thought Shadam needed to be a little more aggressive than he was. So what did I wish Shadam would do? Maybe manipulate Demon Boxer Jin anyone into becoming a bloodsucking creature?! If Daisuke Tachi were acting as Shadam and well, Takumi Hirose is Demon Boxer Jin, it could have been interesting. I mean, just think if Radiguet decided to use Tranza for another brutal scheme. However it's not them but Shadam and Demon Boxer Jin. I also thought that I wish Shadam and Ryou had a much deeper rivalry than it was.

In my case, I could also arrange the way Shadam would have died. First, if we had Daisuke Tachi, Shadam would have been a better villain. I felt like blood not mud would have made Shadam's death more karmic. I mean, I felt like it was very last minute to write Shadam off as a person made of clay. I felt like when Ryou stabbed him, I wanted BLOOD instead of mud to come out of his mouth. I wanted him to bleed to death while Gorma Palace collapsed over him. Plus, with Daisuke Tachi being the actor to play Shadam, it would have been a much better death!

My other reason is also because of the other Jetman alumni in Dairanger namely Mikiko Miki as Shadam's former wife (and the mother of the twins Kou and Akomaru), Tomite Naruse as Daimugen and Takumi Hirose as Jin Matoba.


  1. Nishi only "played it" with smirk and arrogance.
    Tachi has so much to do if he was cast as Shadam. Whereas Radiguet was never explored fully with his thespian talent.


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