A Lot of Inaccuracies in the Bioman English Dub

Well forget about the Bioman English Dub! It's not accurate and true to Hirohisa Soda's story aside from the name changes. In short, the dubbers may not even be paying attention to important details! Now here's what's been fed into the minds who watched it including myself:

There was a lot of inaccurate translations like for example the title "The Mysterious Giant Robot" is quickly changed into the title "Appointment with Destiny" which really deviates from the ORIGINAL TITLE that Hirohisa Soda gave it. Now for some really goofy dialogue and awkward changes:

I could start with the whole mistranslation of two part arc concerning Joy who was renamed as Star Boy. In the original, I was pretty shocked to realize the fact that Dr. Man didn't understand the language of the Planet Bio. Nobody could understand at first what Joy was relaying. In the English dub, Joy ends up talking about Gear. How can he even know about Gear? He was dead 500 years ago neither can he see the future!

During Mika's death thanks to Yuki Yajima's rather unprofessional leaving the set, even the anti-bio particles story gets muddled up. In the original, Mason DOES NOT talk about anything about the rebels or anything. All he mentions is that Dr. Man's genius allowed him to gather the particles that were flown in space. Fortunately Jun's arrival wasn't all that muddled but I'll proceed with more.

Peebo's gender got lost in translation. Just because he was voiced by a woman or had a woman suit actor does not make him a woman. I mean, you might want to consider that in Super Sentai, some of the stunt doubles for the female characters are actually men. Some male characters are actually voiced by females. So Peebo in his programming is male. Period.

Many times an enemy plot is exaggerated to the "whole world" when in reality it was supposed to hit only Japan. Yeah I know Dr. Man wants to rule the world but remember his first target is Japan. In Bioman episode 16, the whole timed explosive in the dub was meant to be a "doomsday device" but in the original, Dr. Man wanted to start an earthquake of intensity 8 so they could start a panic to conquer Japan immediately. If we are to go back to Jun's predecessor Mika, in Bioman episode 6, the poison gas trap was only meant for a certain region of Tokyo and not to pollute whole Earth which it was a trap all along. That's jut a few of the plans that were exaggerated by the English dub.

The Prince arc was also very messed up by the English dub. First, Mason DID NOT plan to steal the energy resources of the world in that episode nor did he invent that plastic tube. Dr. Man sent him to test it before Dr. Man's supposed son Prince appeared and introduced himself not as a supervisor but as Dr. Man's son, Prince. So here this was the arc that actually revealed to both Gear and Bioman a part of Dr. Man's past that he is well... a man. Also Mason didn't spite Prince here, in fact he was in the original dialogue amazed at Prince's ability to create a Mecha Giant. At the same time, this was the arc when Gear members discover that their leader Dr. Man is a human being when Prince is introduced by Dr. Man as his son. Also in here Ryuta's plot with Prince was muddled up. I would like to point out why Ryuta fought with Prince out of suit was because he wanted the latter to know the fragility of human life and two, it made more sense to realize Ryuta was a bully, not the one being bullied because come on, Dr. Man's been bullying people with his super science since day one of Bioman! In here, Ryuta's lecture about his mother's tears and him later being startled to why Prince doesn't know what a mother is was so lost in translation. So Mason must have planned it out that is his plan to get rid of Dr. Man only to be countered.

During the Metal Megas episode, Dr. Man DID NOT have a specialized capsule. It was a comet that could disrupt the Bio powers and the Biomen were in danger until it was out of the red zone.

Later we arrive at the Silver plot. Note that Silver has the same power that killed Mika way back in episode 10. Now Silver DID NOT want half of the other particles, he was created to destroy ANYTHING that carried Bio Particles in their bodies! What was also pretty left out during the finale arc was that Dr. Man actually managed to retrive a good amount of Anti-Bio particles for two major finale plots- the use of the King Megas and two, the "Neo Bomb" is actually called the Anti-Bio Bomb that Dr. Man used with enough power to blow up the Earth from the South Pole.


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